Two Stories Show Crisis of Leftist Political Hatred—and Indifference to Suffering

AP Photo/Noah Berger

Too many people in America now seem either possessed of a violent antipathy toward those who disagree with them, or are governed by a complete indifference to the victimizing of others. We appear already to have reached a crisis level, and the Democrats continue to gin up yet more anger.

We can all think of examples of leftist-fueled violence, including Antifa’s looting and burning, state capitol “transurrections,” and the transgender mass shooter in Tennessee. But two recent stories, while not examples of deadly force, particularly struck me. Both show young people demonstrating unprovoked violence toward innocent victims. The second story shows how indifferent many Americans have become to such scenes of brutal injustice.

First is this video of an angry leftist man violently attacking at least two individuals, including an elderly and peaceful pro-lifer, in Baltimore, courtesy of MRCTV:

The leftist obsession with abortion on demand—and as common as possible, a sort of pro-death mania—has led to many violent attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and pro-life protesters. I remember being outside an abortion clinic once praying when an elderly lady in our group was violently assaulted by a young pro-abort, just like in the video above. Democrats have hammered it into young people that abortion is a sacred right and infringing on it is the height of evil. Young people sometimes take that to the next level and assault those they perceive as undermining the sacred right to abortion.

So it’s not unheard of for Democrats to exercise widescale violence to achieve their ends, and I’m not talking just about pro-abortion crazies or the “Summer of Love” (and mostly peaceful) protests in 2020.

The Civil War was started by Southern Democrats, for whom Abraham Lincoln’s election was the final straw. Democrat violence continued to be a severe problem in many parts of the South against both white Republicans and black Americans years after the Civil War ended (a history the Democrat leaders of today would sure love for you to forget, which is partly why they tear down monuments to their own former Confederate and Democrat heroes). But it is very disturbing that the Democrat Party has come full circle, returning to violence as a political weapon and with an even more perverted philosophy now than in the 1800s.

But it’s not just explicit leftists who are committing shocking violence now, though Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies facilitate their violence. The growing crime crisis in America is not, of course, purely political.

Another recent story highlighting this ongoing American crime crisis was of a white teenager being beaten up by six black teenagers. It is not clear whether race was a motivating factor, since the victim was also robbed, but the story does emphasize that too many Americans are either full of violent hatred or full of apathetic indifference. While the crowd of attackers beat the teenager up, multiple bystanders simply stood around with their phones and recorded the event instead of even trying to intervene. None of them reportedly called 911, according to the report from MRCTV, which would’ve been the least they could do, even if the individuals didn’t want to get physically involved.

MRCTV’s Nick Kangadis explained:

[S]ix black teens — aged between 14 and 17 — beat the crap out of a 15-year-old white teen Monday night in Havertown, Pennsylvania, stole his expensive shoes and then kept attacking him. If they had just beaten him, taken his shoes and left, I would be less inclined to believe this was racially motivated. However, since they kept attacking him after the theft, one might surmise that race played a factor.

Possibly the worst part of the whole ordeal is that the other kids that were around did nothing but stand there, watch and record the attack.

Haverford Township Police Department Deputy Chief Joseph Hagan said the bystanders neither called 911 nor intervened. “It’s kind of disturbing that these other individuals were standing around, just filming it [sic] this poor kid on the ground.” No kidding.

But that is where we have gotten to in America now. Too many Americans—particularly young people—either believe it is all right or even praiseworthy to attack peaceful individuals for having a different opinion, or they care so little about other people that they are willing to stand around and film a brutal beating as if it were some sort of entertainment.

We desperately need cultural and political renewal if America is to avoid descending into wholesale chaos.


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