‘Degenerate’ Transgender Activists Strip at White House Pride Event With Kids Present

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Do you ever feel as if Americans are practically daring God to try the Sodom and Gomorrah fire-and-brimstone treatment on us? Monday was one of those days for me, as it was revealed transgender activists proudly stripped their tops off on the White House lawn during a weekend Pride event Joe Biden and handlers were hosting.


Besides the vile display being an abomination before one of America’s most historic and beloved buildings, there were children present at the event.

Todd Starnes reported, “Transgender activists exposed their private parts at the White House during President Biden’s gay pride celebration. Multiple children were present. The grotesque moments were all captured on video.”

As Starnes noted, “The president was already under fire for desecrating the American flag at the event — giving preference to the transgender flag. He also offended military personnel by noting that the bravest people he’s seen were on the White House lawn.” Because choosing to deny your biology to join the most popular and most protected group in America right now (LGBTQ), promoted and praised by almost every public and private institution, takes so much courage, right?

Disgusted conservatives took to Twitter to slam the trans strippers. Turning PointUSA’s Charlie Kirk identified the half-naked transgenders, “GRAPHIC: Trans TikTok ‘influencer’ Rose Montoya, posed topless at Biden’s White House Pride celebration. Next to him is a biological female, also topless, who had her breasts surgically removed.” These people need counseling, not affirmation in their sexual insanity.


The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles shared the video with the question, “Which group is more degenerate: the transvestite strippers or the White House staff that invited them?” The video shows Biden posing with the one activist who later goes half-nude.

YouTuber Matt Wallace shared a picture of a little girl at the Pride event, insisting, “WOKE PARENTS ARE CHILD ABUSERS!” Libs of TikTok also said, “This is what happened at the White House pride event. A disgrace to our country.”

The event even caused an international scandal. Britain First Party leader Paul Golding tweeted the trans activists’ video with the shocked comment, “Biden’s gay pride event at the White House had topless cross dressers! 🤯🏳️‍🌈” Isn’t it inspiring what impression the Biden administration is making on the rest of the world?


Would the White House be equally empathetic to detransitioners, who bravely take the hard road of returning to live as their biological sex, often with permanent bodily damage and with intense hatred from LGBTQ activists? Probably not.

America is being ruled by sexual perverts who want to indoctrinate and mutilate children. God help us all.


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