WATCH: How Many Illegal ‘Got-Aways’ Is Border Patrol Missing?

(AP Photo/Matt York)

The U.S. Border Patrol has already encountered over a million illegal aliens in Fiscal Year 2023. But that doesn’t include the untold number of “got-aways” or “runners” who are not apprehended by Border Patrol. How many illegals—including thousands of criminals—are entering the U.S. without the knowledge of U.S. border security?


According to official U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics, Border Patrol has had 1,246,371 encounters in FY2023 to date. There’s another 570,587 encounters from the Office of Field Operations. That’s over 1.8 million encounters so far in FY2023. But the numbers of illegal migrants may be even more shocking than that.

On May 12, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) published a “VIDEO: An Overwhelmed Border Patrol Is Missing an Epidemic of Runners and ‘Got-aways’.” CIS explained, “Got-aways are unlawful border-crossers who are ‘directly or indirectly observed making an unlawful entry into the United States’, but who are not apprehended.” Despite official Biden administration propaganda, the Biden border crisis continues in full catastrophic force. In the video, CIS Senior National Security Fellow Todd Bensman said the content shown is a part of the “biggest mass migration crisis in American history which the public rarely sees, but too important now to miss.” Bensman said an estimated “record-breaking” 1.5 million migrants have “got away” since Joe Biden took office.

Bensman warned Americans to expect an increase of runners, including potential criminals, in the coming months. Criminal cartels help migrants get through gaps in the border wall or cut holes in border fencing — a financially lucrative operation for the cartels. CIS summarized:

Border Patrol agents, equipped with sophisticated technology, attempt to apprehend migrants illegally crossing into the United States. But securing the border has become more difficult as agents are taken off the line to process unprecedented numbers of illegal migrants turning themselves in, instead of preventing smuggling, drug and human trafficking, and identifying national security threats. The end of Title 42 will push the numbers of migrants and got-aways even higher…[The] monthly numbers [of runners] continue to grow.

This population has a reason for not turning themselves in to Border Patrol – it includes criminals, ineligible prior deportees, contraband smugglers, or people from terror-harboring nations who would naturally want to evade Border Patrol.


That’s comforting. How many criminals and terrorists are entering the U.S. illegally? Who knows? The Biden administration certainly doesn’t care—it’s happy to have a wide-open border. And so the terrorists and criminals will continue to enter the U.S., and possibly never be either identified or caught.



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