Chicago City Council Approves $51M for Migrants, Residents Furious

AP Photo/Shafkat Anowar

In the latest example of how Democrats care more about illegal aliens breaking America’s laws than about American citizens, the Chicago City Council just approved $51 million in aid to illegal migrants, a sum expected to last for a single month. And the residents of the city are not happy, to put it mildly.


The new funding is on top of $102 million already spent on migrants since January, Fox32 Chicago reported. Aldermen voted 34-13 to pass the new funding Wednesday, and Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson said in a statement, “Chicago is facing a humanitarian crisis as individuals and families continue to be sent here and other Democratic-led cities across the country without regard for their well-being.” Chicago is a sanctuary city but seemed surprised when expected to behave as a sanctuary city.

Johnson pontificated further, “My administration will do everything in our power to support these new arrivals as they work to rebuild their lives in the U.S. while still upholding our commitments to the residents of Chicago. This appropriation is critical to support our efforts to provide housing and services in the immediate future, and I will continue to advocate for additional state and federal funding for as long as needed.” What about until Chicago can’t afford it? In 2019, Chicago was already among the five U.S. cities with the “worst fiscal condition.” Chicago is broke, and can’t afford to help its own residents, let alone illegals.


Some Chicago groups want answers on why city neighborhoods are neglected while the city funnels more money to resources for illegals, Fox32 noted. Crime spiked 41% last year in Chicago, and the city continues to be a hotspot for murders, according to the Washington Examiner. Homelessness, 0% math and reading proficiency in some schools, and the flight of businesses are also problems facing Chicago, the outlet explained. Now there are 10,000 or more migrants who have arrived in Chicago since last year, many bused from Texas to the sanctuary city. One Chicago hotel has even closed to the public for now so it can house migrants.

The City Council meeting became so “raucous” over the contentious funding that order had to be restored and multiple individuals were even escorted out, according to the Examiner.

WBEZ Chicago reported:

Dueling boos and cheers rang out each time members of the public spoke in support of the funding Wednesday. The meeting paused shortly as shouts from the public were so loud and boisterous, they overtook the proceedings that Mayor Brandon Johnson struggled to reel in. The debate was at times racially-charged as alderpersons and residents spoke out about where the city dedicates resources.


Black voters in particular were understandably incensed that the city is spending so much money on illegal immigrants instead of helping citizens. One alderwoman was reportedly called a “traitor” by the crowd. Perhaps this will finally open some eyes in Democrat-run Chicago to the Democrat Party’s disastrous policies?

The crime-ridden Windy City should be focusing on fixing its many severe problems, not funding illegal foreigners with money it doesn’t have.


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