China Threatens Taiwan, U.S.: ‘Within Range’ of ‘Firepower’

AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying, File

The genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP) just warned the U.S. against providing aid to Taiwan, threatening that “the entire island of Taiwan and its surrounding waters are within the range of the [Chinese army’s] firepower.”


Is the CCP simply being bombastic, as it has been so many times before? Or is this finally a tipping point? After all, the CCP has killed 500 million or more of its own people. And hundreds of military-age Chinese men are currently pouring into the U.S. via the open southern border in what some experts have warned could be a military invasion. The CCP certainly means to take Taiwan eventually—the question is whether this latest threat is a herald of a CCP move on Taiwan.

CCP state propaganda outlet Global Times, which has a history of issuing violent threats against the U.S., warned in a May 26 article that “The Taiwan Straits, the entire island of Taiwan and its surrounding waters are within the range of the PLA’s [People’s Liberation Army] firepower, and the PLA’s operational capabilities are aimed not only at Taiwan secessionists but also the external military forces that attempt to create trouble in the region.” The state media outlet was quoting Chinese military expert Song Zhongping. Global Times even posted its threat on Twitter to emphasize the CCP claim that Taiwan, an independent democracy, rightfully belongs to the CCP.


The CCP Foreign Ministry and Global Times were reacting to the news that the “first shipment of US FIM-92 Stinger missiles had arrived” in Taiwan while “Washington is also reportedly helping the island obtain access to NATO’s Link-22 secure data link system.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning insisted that attempts to safeguard Taiwanese independence will fail.

Global Times:

Considering that the military of Taiwan authorities have been introducing new weapons and equipment, and their connection with the US is becoming closer, the PLA will continue to improve its combat plan, so that the regular military exercises could better align with the current and even future situation, Song said…

If outside military forces dare to assist Taiwan secessionist to split the territory from China, PLA will use its own way to solve the Taiwan question once and for all, and let them know through actions that “Taiwan independence” is a dead end, Song noted.


The CCP always sneers at “Taiwan independence,” pretending the independent nation is really and rightfully under CCP rule. It’s a false but unsurprising assertion from a government that came to power and maintains power through mass murder and oppression. Not to mention the CCP’s ambitions to control as much of the world as possible.

Let’s hope this new CCP threat, as well as a previous threat to “wipe… out” any U.S. troops who defend Taiwan, are mere boasts rather than serious warnings from America’s number one enemy.


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