‘No Correlation’: Steve Milloy Slams Climate Alarmists’ Extreme Weather Claims

(Ken Blevins /The Star-News via AP)

As usual, climate alarmists need to chill out. Junk Science’s Steve Milloy slammed recent scare-mongering that man-made climate change is supposedly causing increasing extreme weather events. “There is no correlation between emissions and any type of extreme weather event,” Milloy said in exclusive comments to PJ Media.


Braindead climate crazies made news Sunday when they dyed Rome’s iconic Trevi Fountain black to protest fossil fuels and “catastrophicflooding in Italy, which the climate alarmists attribute to climate change. But some experts are calling their bluff, insisting that extreme weather events are not worsening and climate change is not spurring them. That includes Steve Milloy, who has been a leading truth-teller critiquing climate dogmatism for over 20 years.

“There is no correlation between emissions and any type of extreme weather event. So the activist effort to link ‘climate change’ with extreme weather is simply without a basis in fact,” Milloy told me. “Activists like to dramatize their concern for the environment, but it’s always evident they have spent little time learning anything about it.”

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Climate change “experts” have been wildly and consistently wrong in their predictions for 50 years now. In fact, just recently, data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) — confirmed by NASA satellite data — provided evidence that there has not been any global warming for the past eight years. Furthermore, evidence showed that major hurricanes dropped to a near-record low in 2022. Things just aren’t adding up the way climate doomsayers claim.


Milloy tweeted out contradictions of the media’s climate alarmism Monday: “Deaths from extreme weather declined dramatically over the past 100 years,” and “Weather damages have not increased when adjusted for GDP.” He added, “No sort of extreme weather correlates with emissions or warming.” He was responding to an AP piece about a United Nations report, “UN agency: 2M killed, $4.3 trillion in damages from extreme weather over past half-century.” The United Nations has spent decades prophesying imminent climate doom and using climate dogmatism to further an anti-freedom agenda.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano also argued against the mainstream media narrative on extreme weather. He tweeted out evidence from Physicist Dr. that an “abundance of scientific evidence demonstrates that the frequency and severity of floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves and wildfires are not increasing, and may even be declining in some cases. That so many people think otherwise reflects an ignorance of, or an unwillingness to look at, our past climate. Collective memories of extreme weather are short-lived.” And that’s how woke leftists like to keep it.


As Milloy told me, “Activists like to dramatize their concern for the environment.” The current narrative on extreme weather and climate change isn’t about science, it’s about woke virtue-signaling.


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