Gun Control in Action: Chicagoans Have 1 in 15 Chance of Being Shot by Age 40

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Thomas Jefferson once described a major issue created by restricting gun ownership: “For an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” That quote perfectly describes the bloody situation in violent Chicago—which has some of the tightest gun control laws in the country.

How effective is “gun control” at preventing gun violence? Based on a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), gun control is a great way to ensure gun violence. Based on the JAMA study, MRCTV concluded that “Chicago Citizens Have 1 in 15 Chance of Being Shot by the Time They’re 40.” Because it turns out that criminals can, in fact, get guns illegally. Gun control just deprives honest citizens of the means for self-defense.

Democrats just like to have more power over citizens and to deprive citizens of their freedoms. And it’s minorities who suffer most. The next time you hear a leftist slamming racism or pontificating that Black Lives Matter, remember this from the study: “Firearm deaths have now surpassed motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of death for US children, with Black children, boys, and children from disadvantaged neighborhoods in cities like Chicago, Illinois, disproportionately impacted.” Chicago, being a Democrat-run city, has very tight gun restrictions. And yet children still die.

Law Enforcement Today exposed the ineffectiveness of gun control in a 2019 piece titled, “Chicago: We have some of the strictest gun laws. Also Chicago: So many people are being shot.” In July 2022, after shootings—including a mass shooting—over the July 4 weekend, Fox News highlighted Chicago’s ineffective gun control: “Highland Park and Chicago gun laws are among the strictest in the country.” Gun grabbing didn’t create a peaceful paradise in Chicago. It created a violent, crime-ridden dystopia.

The study, which began in the 1990s, produced the following results:

By age 40, 7.47% of Black respondents and 7.05% of Hispanic respondents had been shot, with 1 Black respondent and 1 Hispanic respondent having been fatally shot. In contrast, 3.13% of White respondents had been shot by age 40 years. Racial and ethnic differences were also strongly age-patterned: no White respondents but 7 Black respondents and 5 Hispanic respondents were shot after age 21 years. Similarly, 56.34% of Black respondents and 55.75% of Hispanic respondents saw someone shot by age 40 years, compared with 25.53% of White respondents (Figure 2B).

Sex differences in being shot were also significant, with the cumulative exposure of male respondents (11.40%) 5 times higher than that of female respondents (2.28%) by age 40 years (Figure 2C). Differences again were age-patterned. Most reports of being shot for female respondents occurred during their midteenaged years, whereas males reported being shot throughout their teenaged years and their 20s and 30s. Sex differences in seeing others shot by age 40 years were more modest: 42.81% of female respondents and 57.64% of male respondents had seen someone shot (Figure 2D).

Again, based on the results, MRCTV concluded that Chicago residents have a one in fifteen chance of being shot by age 40.

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MRCTV reported May 15:

Last weekend, at least 26 people in Chicago were shot, eight fatally, including three who were wounded while standing on a sidewalk and caught in the crossfire between two vehicles. That’s up from the 20 citizens who were shot, and the four killed by gunfire, the previous weekend.

Again, that’s with strict gun control. And leftists want to bring Chicago’s disastrous, unconstitutional nightmare to the rest of America too.


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