Canadian Officials Reportedly Knew COVID Vaccine Wasn’t Effective Pre-Mandates

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Remember back in the good old days when the scientific method didn’t mean “let’s try this even if it’s dangerous and hope maybe it works”?

Masking has since been found to be a total failure, and a Pfizer executive admitted—with a laugh—that her company didn’t test its COVID-19 vaccine for efficacy. Now it turns out Canadian health officials knew ahead of time that the COVID-19 vaccinated likely carried the same viral load as the unvaccinated. That didn’t stop them from imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates with all the power of the government, of course. Why take an evidence-based approach to healthcare?


The Epoch Times reports that a 2021 document from Canadian health authorities acknowledged the possible inefficacy of COVID vaccines before the government enforced its draconian vaccine mandates.

A briefing document from federal health authorities setting out the rationale for imposing vaccine mandates in the fall of 2021 raised ethical concerns and acknowledged that the vaccinated may transmit COVID-19 as much as the unvaccinated, but it nevertheless encouraged mandatory injections.

“There is some emerging evidence documenting that COVID-19 cases (Delta variant) in fully vaccinated individuals may have similar viral loads than unvaccinated cases,” says the briefing by Health Canada (HC) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

The document did not raise questions about the usefulness of mandating vaccination given the COVID-19 shots do not stop transmission, with HC/PHAC instead making a case for the use of masks.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went on to campaign on vaccine mandates in the September 2021 federal election. HC/PHAC was worried at the time about the Delta variant’s transmissibility, which was taken as an excuse for vaccination, despite the evidence of the vaccinated having similar viral loads to the unvaccinated.


The briefing provided the objectives of the policy that would later be imposed in October 2021 on federal employees and contractors, employees in federally regulated sectors such as transportation and banking, and users of certain federally regulated services such as those wishing to board flights. Some of those objectives in hindsight turned out to be assumptions and had lasting consequences.

Some evidence and studies suggests people vaccinated against COVID were more likely to get some variants of COVID, like Delta and Omicron.

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Yet the Canadian government is still advertising the fact that “free vaccines are available to everyone in Canada,” and pushing the population to “get a vaccine or booster.” Unsurprisingly, considering how untrustworthy the Canadian government has been, the government website says that about 80% of the population received one COVID vaccine dose but only 19% of the population has received the full primary series or a booster in the last six months (as of March 26). Canada also had the huge trucker protests against government COVID mandates in early 2022.


The Canadian government certainly owes its people some answers.


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