Twitter Files Journalist: Global Governments Coordinate to Censor Citizens

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Another “conspiracy theory” comes true? According to Twitter Files journalist Michael Shellenberger, governments around the world coordinate with each other on censorship efforts. The attack on free speech really is a worldwide war — which is downright terrifying.


Shellenberger tweeted a thread on April 14 with the bombshell accusation. “The idea that governments worldwide are working together to censor their citizens sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it’s not. It’s increasingly clear that there is just such an organized effort involving, at a minimum, the US, Canada, UK, & New Zealand,” the independent journalist insisted. He gave a couple of examples and promised he’s working on a “major story” on the topic.

”Consider: the U.S. government worked with private sector partner The Atlantic Council to censor ordinary Americans; UK police visit people who post wrongspeak; Canada is seeking greater censorship; and the former PM of NZ is leaving the government to do censorship full-time,” Shellenberger continued.

The latter statement refers to the fact that former New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern is going from her political office to a role helping governments target supposed “extremism” on social media. Meanwhile, a disturbing pro-censorship bill is reportedly close to becoming law in Canada. The Twitter Files, partly reported by Shellenberger, also revealed deep collusion between Twitter and the federal government to censor Americans.


But if governments are able to restrict free speech so much on their own, governments working together to censor could do that much more damage. There really seems to be an international war on truth and free speech.

The research is clearly ongoing, as Shellenberger specifically asked potential whistleblowers to get in contact with him. “We follow the Pentagon Papers Principle. We will go to prison for our sources. The regime media cannot be trusted. They are more likely to hunt down than help whistleblowers,” he tweeted, urging, “If you work for an organization ‘fighting mis- and disinformation,’ you may be involved in illegal activity.” Shellenberger slammed “self-appointed censors” of free speech.

“Now, new documents have surfaced showing a censorship effort in U.S.-allied nation[s] that are eerily similar to the ones created in the U.S.,” Shellenberger added.

New Zealand’s relationship with the U.S. is the reason for the impact of the much smaller country’s aggressive censorship projects, Shellenberger argued. “It may seem odd that tiny New Zealand is playing a major role in the Censorship Industrial Complex, but it’s both a major U.S. nat[ional] sec[urity] ally & Woke, which allows for censorship by appeals to ‘preventing harm,’ the core value of victimhood ideology.”

Shellenberger cited a DHS official to illustrate his point about woke censorship. “In her video for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, CIA Fellow Renee DiResta makes the case for censorship to prevent ‘harm,’ including ‘delegitimizing institutions,’ a term so expansive as to effectively justify the censorship of anything.” The clips of DiResta are very alarming to freedom lovers.


But Shellenberger seems confident the censors won’t succeed in the long run. “The publics in US, UK, Canada, NZ and other nations aren’t going to put up with a bunch of self-appointed government spooks and censorship Karens censoring us.”


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