'Dress' for Success: Best Director Winner Thanks Parents for Letting Him Wear Drag

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For the five Americans who still care what happens at the Academy Awards, two men named Daniel received the Oscars for Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay Sunday night. And as Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert‘s movie Everything Everywhere All at Once won seven Oscars, Scheinert took the opportunity to ramble about his wondrous childhood dressing in drag and making “perverted comedy” films. And to think Academy Awards used to go to films like Casablanca and It Happened One Night


Scheinert’s acceptance rant got weird very fast (transcript by MRCTV):

Oh, my God. Thank you, sir. Our fellow nominees, you guys are our heroes. This is weird. I — we want to dedicate this to the mommies, all the mommies of the world, to our moms. Specifically my mom and dad, Ken and Becky, thank you for not squashing my creativity when I was making disturbing horror films or perverted comedy films or dressing in drag as a kid, which is a threat to nobody. And — yeah, thank you to everybody who worked on our movie.

I wonder how directors like Alfred Hitchcock managed to stir their creativity before perversion and cross-dressing became not only normal but celebrated.

But we shouldn’t really be surprised, as Scheinert’s movie — Everything, Everywhere, All at Once — is very pro-LGBTQ, to put it mildly. USA Today described it as “an emotional gut punch about queer erasure, acceptance.” Whatever that means. And Gay Times UK ecstatically declared that the movie is “the future of LGBTQ+ storytelling.” Oh, and there was what seemed to me a not-so-subtle mockery of the Eucharist — a sort of temple enshrining behind a veil a black bagel that’s really a black hole with the potential to destroy the multiverse. Scheinert specifically described the bagel as the center of a “religion.”


Watching clips like Scheinert’s Oscar speech reminds me why great art is almost totally lacking nowadays. The artistic elites confused sexual license and wokeness with creativity and perversion with originality. Regardless of what his film was like, the fact that Scheinert thinks dressing in drag is responsible for his artistic success shows just how confused our culture has become about what creativity consists of.

It’s also why most Americans don’t give a hoot about Hollywood award shows anymore. Why watch an award show whose main purpose is woke virtue-signaling?

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