If Twitter Suspended Kanye for Inciting Violence, Why Are Ayatollah Khamenei and CCP’s Global Times Not Banned?

Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP

Kanye West has been suspended from Twitter — and apparently from sanity. His latest round of comments about liking mass murderer Adolf Hitler to a dumbfounded Alex Jones on Infowars was pretty insane. “Ye” was then suspended from Twitter for incitement of violence, which seems strange, considering the Iranian and Chinese accounts that have spent years posting threats and celebrations of terrorism on Twitter without any censorship.


I absolutely despise anti-Semitism (it’s actually quite concerning how many Americans are still anti-Semitic). Ultimately, the question is up for debate whether Kanye should have been suspended. As despicable as justifying Hitler on any level is, I think it’s still free speech, but that’s not why he was suspended on Twitter. The argument is that it wasn’t anti-Semitism that got him banned; it was Ye’s tweet of a swastika inside a star of David (which was a horrible thing to do) that potentially incited violence.

But if that is true, and Kanye was suspended for inciting violence, why is Iran’s Ayatollah still allowed to post after celebrating terrorist attacks on Jews and encouraging jihadis to destroy Israel on the platform? And why is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) state propaganda outlet Global Times allowed to tweet after explicitly threatening war against other nations on Twitter? As usual, Elon Musk’s actions don’t really match his stated ideals.

Iranian dictator Ayatollah Khamenei, whose regime is currently imprisoning 14,000 freedom protestors and executing some of them, regularly tweets content that violates Twitter’s rules (which is unsurprising, since Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism). In May 2021, for instance, Khamenei tweeted still-uncensored praise of violent jihad, “The Palestinians’ endeavors & the pure blood of Resistance martyrs have managed to multiply Palestinian Jihad’s internal power by 100s of times. Once, Palestinian youth defended themselves by throwing stones, but today they respond to the enemy’s attacks with precision missiles.”


And more recently:

Khamenei regularly publishes anti-Semitic screeds on Twitter, such as a June 2022 tweet calling Jews (he usually calls them “Zionists”) a “plague for the whole world” and Israel a “plague especially for the world of Islam.” And of course, that tweet wasn’t censored either.

A secondary account of the Ayatollah’s was suspended on Twitter for posting a video simulating the assassination of Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo. But when his main account tweeted a hope of “retribution in this world” for Trump and a 2019 tweet saying, “‘Down with USA’ means…death to the American politicians currently in power,” there was no censorship.

Then there’s the genocidal CCP’s state media. Global Times has endorsed violence against other countries multiple times on Twitter. For instance, the outlet tweeted in 2021, “#COMMENT Since Taiwan authorities are preparing for war, let’s see whether Australia is willing to accompany Taiwan separatist regime to become cannon fodder.” The tweet remains uncensored on Twitter.


Soon after that, Global Times tweeted about Biden’s comments indicating that the U.S. would defend Taiwan, “Now, the PLA [China’s People’s Liberation Army] has an overwhelming advantage over the military on Taiwan island, with full capacity to cause unbearable results to US troops if they dare ‘defend’ the island, and even to wipe them out.” Global Times’s threat to “wipe … out” U.S. troops remains uncensored on Twitter.

In July 2022, Global Times also made a seeming threat of war to America, tweeting, “China’s remarks on countering #Pelosi‘s possible visit to #Taiwan shows highest level of warning. All options, including military ones, are already on the table.”

Musk is financially beholden to the CCP because of his Tesla China branch in a country where every major business is directly surveilled by and answerable to the CCP. he has specifically pushed for increased Chinese investment in his Neuralink project in a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) state publication. He also said that the CCP should own the sovereign nation of Taiwan and has yet to comment on the freedom protests against COVID-19 lockdowns rocking China, even though his Tesla workers were previously reported as suffering harsh conditions under the CCP’s draconian COVID-19 lockdowns.


Global Times isn’t exactly obscure, and Khamenei is famous. The threats made by both on Twitter have been covered in the media. So why was a crazy American rapper suspended for an image that can be interpreted as incitement to violence, while the bloodthirsty Ayatollah and Global Times remain uncensored? Elon Musk, do you believe violent incitement is truly wrong or not?


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