Behold the Monster You Created

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Say what you will about us on the Right, but we are willing to call out or own when they start embarrassing themselves or misrepresenting the rest of us. We keep blowhards like Majorie Taylor-Greene at arm's length. We've long since tired of hearing Hannity turn every other conversation into a banal trumpeting of his martial arts skills. The door hit George Santos on the way out.


But aside from a few noble voices, the Left refuses to do any such thing within its own camp.

My gut feeling is that your traditional liberal (the sophomoric yard signs and the Tesla, yes, but also the secure corporate job in the quiet, bourgeois neighborhood) feels uneasy with the crazed mobs spilling into the streets every time they don't get their way. That sort of thing used to happen five neighborhoods away. Then four neighborhoods away. Then three neighborhoods away.

And that sort of unhinged rioting used to happen once in a generation. Then once every few years. Then once every few weeks.

Yet the suburban traditional liberal continues to vote Democrat because of abortion. Or some nonsense about the rich paying their "fair share." Or climate change. Or any number of manufactured grievances designed not so much to solve a tangible problem than to make a certain class of educated voters feel righteous about themselves. 

They cast their votes on the Machiavellian calculation that the mob was useful as a lever from which to derive unconditional surrenders from congressional Republicans (never a difficult feat to begin with). They calculated that such antics would never be allowed to fester uncontrolled so long as the victims were conservatives who deserved it. They calculated that, once the mob had served its usefulness, it would disperse, much as the German elitists and corporate leaders once thought they could do with their own street thugs.


Well, my friends. You miscalculated.

You supported the LBGTQ agenda without question when it was being shoved in the noses of uppity Christians. But you have since discovered that what "love is love" really means is that mediocre males are allowed to dominate women's sports (and invade their locker rooms) and that you are expected to applaud along.

You supported Obamacare because it felt virtuous, and all the democrat socialists of Scandinavia were doing it, and you didn't want to side with Paul Ryan pushing a wheelchaired grandmother off a cliff (in reality, it's more likely a wheelchaired grandmother pushing Paul Ryan off a cliff). But you have since discovered the laws of economics don't care a fig about your feelings and that a sharp increase in medical costs coupled with a sharp decrease in available doctors isn't the utopia they sold you.

You supported open borders and sanctuary cities to entrench a permanent Democrat voting base. But you have since discovered that perhaps millions upon millions of illegals weren't necessary to secure swing states in which a few thousand votes would suffice. The hordes now overrunning the cities and suburbs are less interested in voting than in joining robbery gangs, dealing drugs, demanding entitlements, and depressing wage rates. Your kids' schools have been appropriated for shelters, and the illegal aliens elsewhere in public encampments are demanding free legal representation and "culturally appropriate" food.


You supported drug legalization on the farce that you cared about boosting tax revenues when in reality you just wanted to enjoy your daily edible because apparently your life in the first world, middle-upper class, most privileged society in recorded history is just too unbearable without cannabis to ease your omnipotent suffering. But you have since discovered that they never intended legalization to end with cannabis, and your once-beautiful city is now a feces-covered open-air fentanyl market.

You supported "green energy," not because you really believed the end-is-nigh sidewalk prophets outside the Davos fleshpots but because it was trendy and hip and got you accolades at your neighborhood's fair trade coffee shop. But you have since discovered that 8th-century technology cannot power your 21st-century needs and also that the nations who pollute worse than we do aren't making the same sacrifices (nor, you may have noticed, do those Davos elites).

You supported the draconian COVID mask mandates and travel restrictions because Science Is Real©, and the only opposition came from flyover state knuckle draggers who think the earth is flat. Though the jackboot government dictates had an eerie test-run-for-next-time feeling, you were more worried that your friends would ostracize you as a "denier" if you didn't follow in the hallowed footsteps of Saint Fauci. But you have since discovered that your collective Chicken Little freakout set back our schools, our economy, and pretty much all societal progress for at least two years and that the face diaper police lied to us about almost everything.


You supported the movement to defund the police, not because of any evidence whatsoever of systemic racism in policing, but because your life is a spiritual sewer and, to fill the void, you need a cause to cling to. So long as the chaos occurred only on the inner city streets of the minorities you claim to support, you were content to posture along. But you have since discovered that there are few takers in the world of would-be police applicants to play your willing scapegoat. The sharp decline in police retention nationwide has resulted in the George Floyds of the world getting ever more comfortable branching out into once-safe neighborhoods to engage in their "underprivileged" behavior.

Let us also not forget that you supported the Occupy takeovers of yester-decade. You supported the state rotunda takeovers by unionized thugs. You supported the BLM riots. You supported the CHAZ in Seattle and similar secessionist movements in other cities. You supported the attacks on churches and pregnancy centers after the Dobbs ruling. You supported the Stalinist show trial against Brett Kavanaugh, as well as the mob that tried to storm the Supreme Court to prevent his swearing-in.

You supported the attack by James Hodgkinson against Republican congressmen playing baseball. You supported the attack on Rand Paul by his neighbor. You supported the campus attacks against conservative speakers and activists. You supported every random street attack against anyone wearing a MAGA hat. 


You supported every act of violence, censorship, social coercion, government repression, and outright insurrection so long as it was seen as beneficial to advancing your agenda and, more importantly, as long as it never affected you personally. These shock troops are disciples of the secular religion that you — yes, you, traditional liberals — have propagated for decades. With your winks and nods, you have taught them that trampling other people's rights in pursuit of your cause du jour is both permissible and preferable.

And the entire time, you told us that "this is what democracy looks like."

You are who Lenin accurately referred to as "useful idiots." But I'm not so sure that you still support what democracy "looks like," now that it "looks like" it has reached your front yard. When they scream that they want to burn the entire country to the ground, they mean exactly that. The monster that you constructed, animated, fed, riled up, and let roam free to dispatch your political enemies is now peering through your bay window, staring at you with a ravenous look in its eyes that evinces neither "solidary" nor "inclusion" with you.

Frankenstein's monster always comes home to his castle.

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