Yes, Michael Moore, There Is a Terrorist Threat

I had only just been putting the finishing touches on a piece for Pajamas Media that I had entitled “Wakey, Wakey! Remember the Liquid Bomb Plotters?” when I saw my esteemed colleague Phyllis Chesler’s excellent piece about Hizb ut-Tahrir. In turn, I had also been inspired to write my piece by the supreme idiocy of Michael Moore on a recent Hannity, when the filmmaker made the staggeringly naive observation that there are a mere “few hundred guys on monkey bars” roaming the world. Hannity shot back that we are talking about millions of terrorists.


A couple of hundred? I think there are a thousand just living around the corner from me in London’s Edgware Road! Moore laughed at Hannity and said it was absurd to treat terrorists like “they are some kind of nation.” My God, Michael, they are many nations.

Let us go back to the British liquid bomb plotters of August 2006. (Remember why, until very recently, we had to remove bottles from our luggage?) I was in Washington at the time and could feel the fear so many thousands of miles away. I was meant to fly back to London and decided to switch to a budget cruise package to cross the Atlantic. When I arrived at the dock on the day of departure from New York, there were a thousand other folks as frightened as I who had scraped together their last few pennies in order to avoid having to fly. After all, we were told the British Muslims who had concocted the “liquid bomb plot” had been planning to bring down scores of airplanes crossing the sea.

Now let’s skip to 2009. In September the plotters Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar, and Tanvir Hussain were convicted in the British courts of conspiracy to murder on transatlantic planes. At Woolwich Crown Court in south London, Mr. Justice Henriques said the aircraft plot was the “most grave and wicked conspiracy ever proven within this jurisdiction. The intention was to perpetrate a terrorist atrocity that would stand alongside September 11 in world history.” He sentenced them to life.

As usual, the men involved were well integrated into mainstream British society and one had even been a foster parent. Abdulla Ahmed Ali had been given the right to foster a child by Haringey Council, but when his Walthamstow home was searched extremist literature was found in a baby’s cot. At the bomb plot trial Justice Henriques told Ali, “I have concluded you are a driven and determined extremist with boundless energy and an ambition to lead a terrorist outrage of boundless proportion.”


What I find fascinating about the endless stream of Muslim terror plotters who populate these islands — that little bunch of guys on monkey bars Michael Moore says are the sum total with whom we need concern ourselves! — is that most are British-born. Phyllis Chesler laments the fact that the brave report by Douglas Murray’s Centre for Social Cohesion about the danger of the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir in Britain has received little attention. Indeed, the amount of airtime devoted to the crimes of Israel far exceeds that about the dangers inside our own shores of ruthless, hateful fifth-columnists who wish to kill and maim their own fellow British citizens. It was reported in September in the Daily Telegraph that the ringleader of the liquid plot, Rashid Rauf, roams free in Britain because a jury determined there was “insufficient evidence” to charge him. As you read this he is planning something new. Nice. Just days after the October 6 Moore-Hannity interview, two men who worked at the Swiss nuclear CERN lab (European Organization for Nuclear Research) were arrested in France and charged with links to al-Qaeda.

Okay, now let’s skip to Thursday night as I write this in London. I had planned to go to bed a few hours ago but am glued to the television; all regular broadcasting has ceased on BBC News and Sky channels to cover the shootings at Fort Hood, evidently committed by a Muslim who worked at the base. However, no sooner had the Texas coverage started than the BBC switched over to Jerusalem to show us evil Jewish settlers tormenting helpless Arabs in a small street! Horrors! Those pesky Jews are picking on Palestinians yet again! Jeremy Bowen, renowned for his barely contained bile when reporting on his pet hates, settlers and Zionists, reported with great despair about the hopeless situation endured by Arabs in “occupied East Jerusalem.”


Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Bowen: Here inside Britain we have a problem. It is exactly the same as the problem Israel has. We have just under two million souls who ascribe to Islam. Most are decent citizens. But a small and powerful number are anti-British, anti-Jewish, and anti-American. They are fifth-columnists, like many Muslims living inside Israel, who are lucky they have the right to flourish in that democracy. Jews cannot live in the huge majority of Muslim countries. The Muslims who live in Britain (they outnumber Anglo-Jews by eight to one) are also fortunate to have jobs, masses of opportunities, grants, and unlimited acreage for mosque after mosque. Jews have lived in Britain for 350 years and their young men do not spend their every waking moment plotting to blow up their fellow Britons. Likewise at Fort Hood the suspect in question had every opportunity afforded him. Yes, some will say he is a carbon copy of Dr. Baruch Goldstein, who in 1994 went nuts after attending the Jewish victims of Hamas; he opened fire on Muslims in the Hebron mosque. The difference is that Baruch Goldstein was a freak. Most Israelis want peace. Jews inside Britain are not causing the British intelligence services to work overtime monitoring their multifaceted plots 365 days a year, 24/7, unlike so many British Muslims.

Phyllis Chesler and Douglas Murray are courageous prophets in their own respective lands and though I regret to have to agree with Nick Griffin of the loathsome British National Party, his contention that all immigration into the UK must cease is looking more and more attractive. Likewise, how the Fort Hood shooter slipped through the net is yet to be determined.


America, wake up. And ignore the idiocy of Michael Moore. His “few hundred guys on monkey bars” are living around the corner.



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