Enough! BLM Protests Are Even Losing Support From Black Americans, New Poll Shows

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Every time you look at your television there is a new Black Lives Matter protest in another city and it invariably involves violence and looting.

And after months of the nation being under siege from these thugs, the citizens have had enough of their antics, The Daily Mail reports.


Support for Black Lives Matter has plummeted like a rock since enjoying a high of 54% support in June compared to 39% now.

Christian Davenport, a political scientist from the University of Michigan, said the change is due to “compassion fatigue” as the videos of incidents like the George Floyd police encounter have faded.

The shift also occurred as the new poll showed nearly a third of Americans believe the protests are “mostly or always violent,” a dramatic change from 22% three months ago.

There was a steep division among racial lines, with 33% of white respondents and 10% of black respondents saying they believe the protests are “mostly or always violent.”

Only 35% of white Americans say that they approve of the protests today and 50% disapprove. That’s a switch from June, when 53% approved and  34% disapproved.

Of the Latinos polled, 31% approve of the protests, a decline from the 44% who approved of them in June.

And among those who identify as black Americans, 63% still support the protests, but that is still a significant drop from 81% in June.

“I was supportive back in June, but after seeing everything up until now, I’m almost dead against them,” Dave Hipelious, of New Lenox, Illinois, told the Associated Press.

Hipelious, a white man aged 63, said that his support for the protests waned as rioting, arson, and looting started to become more prevalent.

“I was a pretty wild young man,” he said. “Every time the police stopped me, and every issue I had with them, I was completely in the wrong. I do believe they are doing their job right.”


Davenport said that there was more sympathy and support when the Floyd video was new, but Americans want their lives to get back to normal.

“When this was all about the video and the visceral response to seeing someone’s life get squeezed out of them, that’s fine,” Davenport argued.

“But from the moment that topic is raised to awareness, the clock starts ticking with regards to, ‘How quickly can we resolve this so I can get back to my normal life?’” he said.

It also likely has to do with the hypocrisy of being told you cannot go to church but tens of thousands can gather to protest.

Americans are a sympathetic and loving people, but there is a limit to what they are willing to tolerate and that point has been reached.

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