Virtue Signaling Overload: Calif. Dems Try to Make False 911 Calls MORE Illegal With CAREN Act

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Democrats are bending over backward and sideways to create ridiculous laws and various other causes celebre to combat racism.

From tearing down statues to renaming military bases, there is no symbolic and meaningless gesture they won’t make.


But in what is perhaps the dumbest idea of the century, two San Francisco city supervisors have proposed the CAREN Act, aimed at preventing non-black people from filing false reports against a black person, CNN reported.

Known as the Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies, the CAREN Act was proposed at a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday by Supervisor Shamann Walton.

A “Karen” is, in internet slang, someone who calls for the police or another authority to settle a dispute. When a “Karen” considers herself slighted, she is likely to ask, “Can I talk to your manager?”

Much like “Becky” “Chad” and “Susan,” “Karen” has become a race-baiting name used against white people, particularly following a scuffle in Central Park where a white woman called the police on a black man for essentially no reason.

The proposal is similar to one from California Assemblyman Rob Bonta, which would make it illegal to “fabricate false racially biased emergency reports.”

“Excited to announce our partnership with Supervisor @shamannwalton! Today, we unveiled our two-prong strategy to join forces and stop discriminatory 911 calls: #AB1550 and the #CARENAct. Using 911 as a tool for your prejudice towards marginalized communities is unjust and wrong!” Bonta said.


“Under California law, it’s a criminal misdemeanor to make false police reports. However, the current law prohibiting false police reports does not include accountability measures to address discrimination if a person summons law enforcement because they perceive another individual to be a threat due to their race, religion, outward appearance, or inclusion in a protected class. While current hate crime law may be applied to a specific crime, it currently does not apply to the crime of making a false emergency report. Amendments to AB 1550 will address this gap by making clear that discriminatory 911 calls qualify as a hate crime, and further establish civil liability for the person who discriminatorily called 911,” a press release announcing the bill says.

“Racism and discrimination of any form is [sic] morally repugnant. California must continue to reassert its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity,” Bonta said.

“But those principles are being undermined by the persistent and, often fatal, presence of systemic and institutionalized racism, personal prejudice, and implicit bias in our society. AB 1550, when amended, will impose serious consequences on those who make 911 calls that are motivated by hate and bigotry; actions that inherently cause harm and pain to others. This bill is incredibly important to upholding our values and ensuring the safety of all Californians,” he said.

The reality is that these lawmakers can claim their measures will not discourage people from calling 911 all they want, but the likelihood is that they will.


Creating a law with an anti-white race-baiting name “CAREN” sends a message right in the name that people better think hard before reporting a crime.

And, as the press release states, there are already laws on the books that handle the filing of a false police report. To add hate crime charges to it is ridiculous.

Imagine you’re a white person and you see a black person climb in a window. Now, as it happens, that black man is climbing into the window of his own home because he cannot find his keys.

How are you, as the 911 caller, supposed to ascertain that information before making the call? Knowing that the penalty will be hate crime charges, do you take the chance?

Now imagine that man is a murderer but, on the chance that it may be his own home, you do not call the police and a murder takes place.

Laws like these are not going to help anyone. These laws are going to place more people in danger and do harm to the very people they purport to protect.

Liberal Karens* Clash in New York’s Central Park. Should I Care?


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