You Won't Believe Where Texas Gov. Abbott Is Busing Thousands of Illegal Immigrants

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) sent a powerful message to the Biden administration Wednesday as he announced that migrants will be sent on charter buses to Washington, D.C., in order to visually explain the gravity of the border crisis.

As the influx of people is putting a strain on smaller communities, the move is intended to alleviate the pressure on them while making a bold political point. There will be about 900 buses used, if not more, which will include driving some migrants to the United States Capitol, Fox News reported.

Hopefully, the state will continue to make the logistics clear, especially when it comes to what the living accommodations will be for the people who are going to be bused. Texas will make themselves look ridiculous if they do not consider the needs of the people they are busing, and they do not need to give the liberal media a reason to bastardize their cause (which they’ll do regardless).

In addition to busing, Abbott made it clear that there will be stricter and more frequent vehicle inspections at the border by the state’s National Guard starting Wednesday afternoon, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“A zero-tolerance policy for unsafe vehicles smuggling migrants across the border is being implemented immediately,” he said, according to the outlet.

Vehicles should have been more heavily searched by the Texas National Guard months ago, so this honestly feels long overdue. It’s incredibly common for human and drug trafficking to happen via cars, trucks, and vans, which makes these searches necessary and responsible.

The state will also be taking action on the Rio Grande and will be installing concertina wire and using boat blockades to act as physical barriers to stop migrants from crossing, the Tribune reported. As the body of water is arguably easy to cross, it makes the job of law enforcement much more difficult.

These are just three of the measures that Texas is taking to prep for the surge of migrants expected in the wake of Title 42 ending. The pandemic-related order that started in 2020 is one of the few border security measures from the Trump era that Biden has kept in place, and it explains why the crisis has been ongoing for over a year. Although Abbott’s decisions might seem extreme to some, somebody has to take charge of the situation.


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