Obama Official Outraged Over Heartbreaking Pics of Trump Policy In Actio...Oh Wait, Wrong President

On Twitter today, several shocking photos have been making the rounds and stirring up emotions and outrage over President Trump’s immigration policies. The only problem is, that’s not what the photos show.


You see, it turns out the photos are from an old article that was recirculated on Twitter today. A very old article. 2014 old. Obama administration old. And some Obama officials didn’t realize it.

Here are some of the angry tweets mistaking the story for a current one, all by screenshot in case of deletion.

Of course, those are just concerned voters and people in media, so who can demand that they know when something happened? Much worse is this one, spotted by Stephen Miller on Twitter, that comes from an Obama advisor, who obviously didn’t realize this was happening under his watch. (Or didn’t care until now.)

Twitter user @AG_Conservative unpacks all this in detail, Twitchy notes, and points out that regardless of which president was in office, these photos are no laughing matter.


It’s very much worthwhile to read the full thread.

Dan McLaughlin of National Review sums up the general trend of former Obama officials suddenly outraged about policies that began under their own former boss’s term.


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