Joe Biden's Afghanistan Bugout Will Become a Terrorism Superspreader

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A military friend of mine who has deployed to Afghanistan several times has been beside himself (or herself) with rage over the past two weeks. I won’t identify them because Joe Biden’s woke military will probably hunt him or her down and fire him or her for having a functioning brain if I post anything that can be used to out them. My friend has pointed out that while the U.S. military has maintained its minimal presence in Afghanistan, it was able to keep the hydra of terrorism down.


But now that’s over. Hence the rage.

All that effort, all those lives, all that expense — for nothing. That’s what many Afghanistan veterans are thinking right now.

That’s also what our allies think. It’s what potential future recruits to our volunteer military may think.

What is the point of it all?

The military was able to keep the hydra at bay for some reasons that ought to be fairly obvious but apparently are not to many, many people. Bagram Air Base was a vast center from which the United States could and did project lethal power to just about any spot in Central Asia. From Bagram it could conduct drone surveillance. It could coordinate ground ops and it could provide intelligence services. It could launch advanced fighters, AC-130 gunships, combat helos, killer A-10s, whatever it wanted. It could push armor out to extend lines and dominate the terrain — any terrain. It could also conduct search and rescue operations when needed. For the 20 years it was there, Bagram provided a nexus from which civilization could reach out and make contact with just about anyone it wanted to for whatever reason it wanted to.

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That was no small thing. The United States had just 2,500 troops at Bagram when Biden was installed. The United States had not suffered a casualty in over a year. The endless war had, for all intents and purposes, ended as a combat mission though the ideological battle continued (and we weren’t doing all that well in that arena). The troops present in Afghanistan were making sure it didn’t restart.


Bagram was also a prison, by the way. There were thousands of Taliban, al Qaeda, and ISIS terrorists held in captivity there after they’d been captured on battlefields or some other ops. Once Joe Biden ordered the military to abandon that base, they did, and the Taliban freed those prisoners without a second thought once they took the base.

Evidently, no one in the military planned for the probability that those terrorists would be freed.

Were any of those former prisoners involved in the attack that killed 13 young Americans this week? We have no idea and may never know. But yes is the way to bet.

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So Biden claims to have bumped off a couple of planners. Should we believe them? They’ve lied about everything including how many times the dog bit Secret Service officers. They’ve tried to spin the humiliating retreat from Afghanistan as some kind of brave Berlin Airlift despite the fact that the two events are moral polar opposites. Biden’s cabal has surrendered a country and all of whatever credibility they ever had.

Afghanistan wasn’t the only place the United States has maintained forces for long periods of time to keep wars from restarting. Afghanistan also wasn’t really our “longest war” as chin-strokers like to say. The Cold War was our longest war; we fought that on the ground and in the airwaves for several decades, and we won that.


While we were fighting that war, we kept troops overseas all over the place: Germany, Italy, Britain, Japan, and South Korea just to name a few. Why did we do that?

To keep old wars from restarting, mostly, and also to keep our boots on the necks of various snakes that menace the world.

We’re still maintaining those overseas bases. They serve our interests. They keep the world relatively safe for republics and they keep us safe from the world’s worst monsters.

Well, those monsters have a new nest now thanks to Joe Biden.

He gave them a country. He gave them billions of dollars of our military hardware. He freed thousands of their most hardened maniacs. And he has left our border wide open to whoever wants to cross it for whatever reason. He is destroying our military from within. These are unforgivable actions that have become malevolent, they are so extremely and deeply incompetent.

How long will it be before we start suffering terrorist attacks on American soil similar to the Boston bombing again? How long before terrorists start spreading from Afghanistan to Central Asia, then Israel and the Middle East, and all over the entire world?

The age of COVID has us all thinking about pandemic superspreaders. By giving up one battlefield in the global war on terrorism, Biden didn’t end any “endless war.” He just gave the enemy a whole new lease on life. Afghanistan will become a terrorism superspreader and Joe Biden will have buckets of American blood on his hands. Joe Biden has restarted the war.


The next time Joe Biden walks away from a podium he should just keep on walking.


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