Facing the Recall Monster, Gov. Newsom Suddenly Sends Police to Oakland

Godzilla attacks the Golden Gate Bridge. Image from embedded video.

Elitist Democrats were only too happy to work alongside radicals and defund police all over the country last year. Predictions that this would lead to a whole lot more murder and other violent crimes did not deter them a whit.


Now California Gov. Gavin Newsom is changing his tune. He’s sending more cops to Oakland to deal with a surge in violence there.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON)- “Beware – there is going to be more enforcement.”

That’s the warning Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf gave Wednesday after announcing Gov. Gavin Newsom has approved the city’s request to send more law enforcement resources to Oakland.

Schaaf said she was grateful for Newsom’s “rapid response” in bringing more traffic enforcement to Oakland, adding that the “governor granted the request quickly.”

Quickly? Back in June, the Oakland police chief ripped the city council for defunding OPD. Newsom did nothing.

Two days later, this happened:

Criminals Attempt to Rob News Crew While It’s Interviewing City’s Violence Prevention Director

True story:

A pair of robbers in Oakland, California, held up a television news crew at gunpoint just hours after the city’s police chief warned of safety concerns following officials’ decision to slash his department’s budget by more than $18 million, police said.

The news crew was filming an interview with the city’s director of violence prevention outside City Hall around 3 p.m. local time Monday when two armed suspects tried to take their camera, the Oakland Police Department said in a statement. A scuffle broke out and a private security guard, contracted by the news agency, pulled out his gun and told the robbers to leave.


If that’s not a poetic riff from the cosmos on the stupidity of our times, I don’t know what is.

Newsom did nothing.

What did it take to get the city and the governor to act? It wasn’t another spate of senseless street murders that did the job.

First, Newsom faces a recall effort that’s growing by the day. It’s like an angry Godzilla rising from the depths and coming straight for him.

It’s…a problem. The pressure is wearing on his nerves. It’s making him snap and swear.

It’s also bracing his mind.

But it was the moment another elitist California Democrat became a victim of Democrat-fostered crime in Oakland that finally forced Democrats to act.

“Reckless driving that kills people, robberies that involve vehicles like what to our beloved U.S. Senator Boxer, that is going to really get under control with help from the state and I am so grateful,” she added. “I’m grateful for the governor’s rapid response and grateful for the additional resources.”

Schaaf was referring to the July 26 incident in which former U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer said she was assaulted and robbed in Oakland’s Jack London Square. She was not seriously injured.


She wasn’t, but Democrat prospects were. Along with the recall, which is direct accountability for Newsom, Boxer’s mugging braced the minds. So send in the cops that Democrats have systematically defunded, denounced, and demoralized over the past year.

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The bottom line here is your life is worth a whole lot less to Democrats in Oakland — and Seattle, Portland, Austin, New York, Chicago, and wherever defunder Democrats rule — than the purse former Sen. Boxer was carrying. The cops are pawns to the elitist Democrats, and so is everyone who is not one of them.



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