Did the Texas Fleebagger Democrats Bring COVID to Washington From Biden's Unprotected Border?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

A little over a week ago my colleague Charlie Martin noted that the Democrat legislators who abandoned their jobs in Texas and flew on a posh private jet to Washington may have created a COVID super-spreader event.


Of course, this started with them running pictures of flying out of Texas on chartered planes, maskless and with a case of cheap beer — they took Miller Light; if they were going to take cheap beer, why not Lone Star, “the National Beer of Texas”? — and then taking a moment to “revise and correct” the evidence by replacing the picture with one that didn’t show the beer.

Choice of beer aside — and yes, Lone Star or Shiner would have been better for the state optics alone — these Democrats failed to follow the science or at least whatever passes for it from the Biden administration. They didn’t mask up in the confined space of the chartered private jet.

So now we get to the meat of it. This is a group of 35 “fully vaccinated” people. Of them, five have tested positive in the ensuing week. That’s 5/35 or 1/7th — 14 percent.

According to the CDC, there are about 160 million fully vaccinated people in the U.S., and there have been around 10,000 “breakthrough” infections reported. Applying just a tiny bit of white-supremacist racist long division, that’s 0.0000625 of the fully vaccinated population — or around 0.006 percent. So, somehow, this plane load has achieved 2333 times the breakthrough infection rate of the general populace. 

How might that have happened?

The fleebaggers have since been getting the side-eye from Washington, D.C. — where COVID cases are on the upswing right after they arrived. Madeline Leesman has that story over at the Townhall mothership:


According to a report by Fox 5 Washington DC, 256 new positive cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Maryland and 43 new positive cases in the District of Columbia on Monday. Additionally, according to WDVM, the number of positive cases in northern Virginia, particularly Fairfax County, have steadily increased throughout July to “an average of over 60 cases per day, compared to an average of 20-30 cases per day at the end of June.” It is not clear how many of these reported cases were caused by the delta variant.

This spike in COVID-19 cases comes shortly after over 50 Texas Democrat lawmakers flew cross-country to Washington, D.C., unmasked, in a private airplane to block Republicans from obtaining quorum and passing a new voter integrity law. Days later, positive cases of COVID-19 emerged among some of the lawmakers who participated in the impromptu trip to our nation’s capital.

Well, here’s another piece to add to the Democrats’ utterly irresponsible behavior: They went to the nation’s capital from Texas, a border state that Biden has left totally undefended from the historic surge in illegal immigration across that border.

We reported on Wednesday about the disturbing discovery of a COVID-positive family of illegals who were found at a Whataburger in La Joya, Texas. La Joya is a small town of just over 4,000. But in that town, at least one hotel is fully occupied with COVID-positive illegal migrants. According to Fox News, they are being housed and presumably fed on the federal dollar under contract with Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities is assisting people in breaking U.S. immigration law and now endangering an entire community with its management of that motel (and others?).


Additionally, the COVID+ illegals are being allowed to roam freely — while the Biden government has decided not to tell anyone in the local city or county or state government. The police department had no idea that the hotel is full of COVID+ people until they were flagged down at a local Whataburger by concerned citizens who saw the illegal migrants coughing and sneezing and not masking or taking any COVID precautions. Since the story broke, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an executive order forbidding the use of buses to transport illegals around the state, but the damage has been done. Plus it’s tough to see how it may have any effect given the Biden government’s secrecy around the whole illegal migrant issue. It’s not telling state or local governments or even Congress what it’s doing.

The fact that this discovery took place at a Whataburger adds another layer to the danger. Whataburgers are incredibly popular all over Texas. This particular Whataburger sits right next to a major highway, Expressway 83. That means it’s likely a high-traffic Whataburger with people coming and going from nearby McAllen, Harlingen (which has an international airport), and other points around the area. That highway runs straight through the heart of McAllen, which is one of the Rio Grande Valley’s population centers. La Joya’s city hall, a public library, and several other fast-food restaurants are also nearby. The Texas Inn motel where the COVID-positive illegals are staying is also noted on the map.

Map of the area around the La Joya, Texas, Whataburger where COVID+ illegal aliens were found by police. Google Maps.

That one group of COVID-positive illegal aliens could have spread the virus to hundreds of unsuspecting people, restaurant staff and patrons, just over the course of a couple of hours at that one Whataburger, never mind the other restaurants and points of interest near the hotel that they and others may have patronized. Also, we must take into account the high likelihood that they’re not the first COVID-positive people who have left the hotel and patronized local restaurants. This may have been going on for six months. The American people literally have no way of knowing — and neither did any of the Democrats who flew off in that private jet, unmasked, to Washington.

La Joya is in Texas House District 35, Oscar Longoria (D) is its state rep. It’s in state Senate District 20, represented by state Sen. Juan Hinojosa (D). Hinojosa is among the Democrats who have holed up in Washington, while Longoria’s location is unclear. Hinojosa is not among those who have been reported to test positive, but the Democrats, including the Biden White House, have not been forthcoming about the number of individuals who have tested positive in the government.

This is the stuff of zombie outbreak movies. But it’s real, and the Texas Democrats who abandoned their legislative work may have carried Biden’s border COVID outbreak with them directly to the nation’s capital, where an outbreak is currently underway.



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