Democrat Says the Quiet Part Out Loud. Their Election Bill Isn't a Reform, It's a Means for Them to Grab Power Forever.

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Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-New York) appeared on CNN Tuesday and admitted that the Democrats’ federal election bill is all about Democrats staying in power.

That’s it.


That’s the post.

Click to play. It’s what he says.

The Democrats are acting like a questionable win at the presidential level in the midst of a historic pandemic, losing seats in the House, narrowly capturing the Senate in questionable special elections, and losing big at the state level, all constitute a mandate for them to obtain total power forever and to push a hard-left agenda that the American people don’t support.

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They’re delusional, of course. But delusional people have seized power in other countries in the past.

Update: Thankfully the Senate Republicans defeated S.1.

That doesn’t mean it won’t come back.

More: About 80% of Americans support voter ID. That’s been consistent for more than a decade, which is how long I’ve tracked that issue.

In voting for their power grab, all Democrats in the Senate voted against voter ID. That’s how truly radical today’s Democrats are.

Republicans, there’s something to run on.


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