Do They Do This in the Bedroom Too? Kamala Wears a Mask While Kissing Her Husband [VIDEO]

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Prior to the 2020 election, Kamala Harris publicly undermined the case for the COVID vaccine.

Asked at Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate whether she would take a vaccine approved by the Trump administration before or after the election, Harris said she’d be the “first in line” to take the vaccine if health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci recommended it.

“If the public health professionals, if Dr. Fauci, if the doctors tell us that we should take it, I’ll be the first in line to take it, absolutely. But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I’m not taking it,” Harris said.


Trump had no power as president to approve the vaccines. They went through scientific processes and were approved. As a senator since the Jurassic, Biden knew that.

At that time, Harris’s actions could be excused, perhaps, as doing Biden’s bidding. He also undermined the case for the vaccines, clearly for his own political gain. Harris could just have been following orders, as it were. Following orders through a lie that hurt Americans is morally inexcusable, of course.

But Harris has once again undermined the case for the COVID vaccines. This week she was spotted doing something very odd. She met her husband, Doug Emhoff, outdoors and kissed him. Both have long been vaccinated.

But they kept their masks on to kiss.

Vice President Kamala Harris gave her husband Doug Emhoff a goodbye kiss on Wednesday, and video of the moment soon lit up social media with reactions. What had everyone talking is the fact that the two kissed while wearing masks, despite both are fully vaccinated.

Here’s the video.

It’s bizarre. They were both fully vaccinated before the inauguration. The vaccines have had time to do their work. It’s likely that everyone around them is vaccinated too, but even if they’re not — Harris and Emhoff are.


Why keep the masks on?

It’s obviously more COVID theater, but from a public communications point of view, they’re sending a message that doesn’t help anyone who is on the fence about getting the stabs.

I’m not saying this from a pro- or anti-vax point of view. I’ve had both Pfizer stabs and have had no side effects at all.

That’s not the issue here. I’m saying this from a communications point of view.

The Biden administration says it wants Americans to get the vaccines.

But then Biden, who was vaccinated months ago, wears one or even two masks when he’s on camera (well, when he remembers he has a mask in his own pocket). Harris constantly wears masks too, and now this insanity — spouses kissing through masks.

What Harris and Biden ought to be projecting is the possibility of getting back to normal. The vaccines are key to that.

Showing that normal life or something pretty close to it can resume once you’ve been vaxxed could help.

They’re undermining their own case.

Americans could be forgiven for thinking the vaccines do nothing, or that Harris-Biden really don’t want to get back to normal.

There’s a great deal of evidence to back up the latter. Biden attacked Texas and called it “Neanderthal” for reopening. He’s said nothing since, with its COVID cases still steadily going down even while Biden has left the border wide open to illegal immigration and the COVID that’s bound to come with it.


His Pentagon denied a parking permit to a veterans group for a Memorial Day event, blaming COVID. But it had originally issued the permit, only rescinding it at the last minute.

His National Parks Service is blocking Independence Day fireworks at Mt. Rushmore. That can obviously be done safely. It was last year.

He has done little to nothing to get the teachers’ unions out of the way of reopening schools despite the fact that the science says it’s safe.

His CDC has issued summer camp rules that are insane.

None of these actions suggest the administration wants to offer America any hope of normal life anytime soon.



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