The Democrats' Relationship to America Has Become Toxic and Abusive

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

Sting sang: “If you love someone, set them free.”

The Democrats don’t love America. They prefer to keep Americans locked down, masked up, and out of sight — unless we agree to hit the streets and riot.

Remember last summer? If you wanted to go out to the park with your kid, you might get arrested. If you wanted to riot and burn down a city block, you were fine. If you wanted to go to a Republican rally or church, Democrats would accuse you of wanting to kill grandma with COVID. If you actually did kill someone’s grandfather in a looting spree, Democrats just looked the other way.

If you’re a Democrat, you can incite riots and get away with it. If you’re not a Democrat, you’ll get banned on social media for telling the truth about Democrats.

Democrats want Americans out of church but in the liquor store, staying home and silent under pointless masks while our businesses fail, and saying nothing about the chaos and crime they are knowingly and intentionally abetting on our border and in our cities. They want our kids out of school and away from their friends — failing at alarming rates — while teachers’ union members get paid to lie on the beach.

Since taking power in January 2021 in Washington, the Democrats have not offered a single policy designed to help Americans. Not one.

The stimulus bill that eventually passed was on the table before they “won” the elections. They delayed that to deny Trump any oxygen, for months, while Americans suffered under Democrat lockdowns.

Their signature policies so far are HR 1, the extremist power-grab that would put our elections in the hands of the federal government and take them out of the states — where the Constitution put them.

They want to do away with the Electoral College, which is a check on large states against small states.

They want to make D.C. the 51st state despite the clear and unambiguous constitutional prohibition against it. The only reason to make the nation’s capital a state would be to create two new Senate seats that would forever be owned by Democrats. It’s a power-grab.

They want to disarm law-abiding Americans while they continue to free more and more criminals and crush local police departments.

They want to pack the courts with political hacks to grant themselves a rubber stamp for all their policies. Most voters don’t support that. Abusive Democrats don’t care.

They want the Green New Deal, which would end America’s energy independence and make everything across the board far more expensive. It’s a policy engineered to create inflation, robbing Americans of our savings while making the rich of the Democrats’ choosing even richer. The only block on that policy may well be its proponents’ utter stupidity. See AOC’s comments Tuesday proposing this monstrous policy, an ignorant word salad blaming everything on America, fossil fuels, and racism — while she sports clothing made from petroleum products. The idiot probably doesn’t even realize she’s draped in dead dinosaurs.

The Biden administration and Democrats across the country are effectively canceling America itself. The policies above provide the legal means to do it. Their insistence on pushing critical race theory into every nook and cranny of American life would provide the ideological means to do it. They will indoctrinate our children and grandchildren to hate America and despise us for loving it.

This is no longer a normal political give and take. The Democrats hate this country and are psychologically abusing it. They’re telling America “You’re not good enough, you’re nothing. You’re a racist. You’re irredeemable.”

The Democrats are physically abusing America. Take a look at our cities. Mayors and city councils spent decades from the 1980s to last year improving public safety, resulting in historic reductions in violent crime. That’s all gone. Democrats defunded and demoralized police and blame them for every violent situation they find themselves involved in. That’s abusive behavior designed to cause fear and panic and give Democrats more power. America is a tinderbox now, and our military is being indoctrinated while China builds up its economic and military strength.

2022 can’t come soon enough. The Democrats clearly despise this country to its founding and its core. They deserve a historic pummeling at the polls and a reckoning afterward.

Even that may not be enough to save the country after the Democrats’ campaign of systemic abuse.



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