If Dems Only Had a Brain

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Over the weekend, the House Democrats chose to continue following the person who did this at what is supposed to be a moment of national pride and unity:

Democrats reelected Nancy Pelosi as their dear leader and Speaker of the House. They can have her. Most Americans have no use for the career political crook.


Until Pelosi apologizes for her childish antics at the State of the Union, any call or plea she makes for unity should and will be ignored by millions of Americans, including me.

Upon convening the Congress into session, Pelosi and her top lieutenants promptly offered credible solutions to the nation’s many problems.

Just kidding. They pushed divisive rules that would remove words such as “father” and “mother” from the lower house’s official language. Given the opportunity to do something serious, in a time when leaders should rise to the occasion, the Democrats did something stupid and frivolous.

Then they prayed, and this happened.

The pray-er is Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who, as my colleague Tyler O’Neil notes, was a minister for 37 years. Cleaver quoted the Bible during the prayer, but closed it by saying “Amen. And a-woman.”

That’s not a word and Cleaver knows it. If Cleaver is serious about changing the language to appease the gods of “inclusivity” (which he somehow omitted from the list of gods he did pray to) he should start with his own name, go straight to a judge and have it changed to Ewomanuel Cleaver.

“Emanuel” has “man” right there in the middle of it. It has to go!

Look, I don’t make up the new rules. The Democrats do.

Changing his name makes exactly as much sense as what he actually did in the august well of the United States House of Representatives.


The word he surgically mangled, “amen,” isn’t a gender reference. It stems from Hebrew, and predates the English language by a thousand years or more. Democrats should now call the ancient tongue “Shebrew” if they are serious about the newspeak they’re pushing at the start of 2021. Otherwise they’re just posing and preening for their definition of inclusivity, which doesn’t include a majority of the country.

As we start the year, we’re likely in for some rough times. We’re still stuck with the Chinese pandemic and will soon get a Biden economy to go with it. I share doubts that many have about the elections. We know the media buried key evidence that could have kept the raging mediocrity known as Joe Biden out of the White House had it been properly published and vetted. We know several swing states changed their election rules at the last minute, favoring Democrats. We know Big Tech uses its big bucks to stifle free speech. We still don’t have an answer to some basic questions, such as why the counts stopped in several states in which Trump led, but later lost. The 2020 election carries the logical inconsistency of Republicans winning at just about every level but the top one. I don’t recall an American election in which the alleged presidential winner had substantial negative coattails. That’s just not how elections usually work.


We know that so much of the damage being done to our country now and over the coming years benefits China.

All of that said, there are going to be opportunities even if His Brainfartency is inaugurated president. The above and so many other examples demonstrate that the Democrats as a party, top to bottom, have abandoned basic governance in favor of radical and frankly wacky ideology. These are not serious people anymore. They’re neo-segregationists with a side of Marxism. The legacy media won’t cover it, but we will.

In New York, they’re fighting over who picks up the trash. In Portland, Seattle, and Austin, Democrats are inspiring crime waves. The Democrats are incapable of living even by the rules they set for the rest of us. I lampooned that over the weekend, inspiring PJM reader Larry K. to pen these lines. You can sing them to the tune of “If I Only Had a Brain” from The Wizard of Oz.

Gavin Newsome’s rules are gruesome
But for self the rules were loosened
Dining close without a mask.
But the rules they’re made for peons
Not the ruling class for eons
Where there’s power to be had.

When the science isn’t followed
By the leaders rules ring hollow
To the poor or small biz class
Who can’t work from home remotely
Or whose livliehood will shortly
Face a final, fatal crash.

Newsom is facing a serious recall. Austin’s Democrats lost a city council seat. Republicans will control most of the redistricting efforts at the state level. Biden, if he enters the White House, enters with no record of success, no constituency that wants him, and no mandate to do a thing.


The Democrats as a party are lost. They may yet control two-thirds of our government and most of our cities, but they’re sowing the seeds of their own destruction. And we’ll be here for all of it, fighting for our republic and our Constitution.

As for Pelosi and the Democrats’ call for unity, see the clip that led this post. And recall that she and her party and the legacy media peddled a ridiculous conspiracy theory for four years, dividing the country and undermining the duly elected president at every turn.

There’s your “unity.”

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