Black Man at Brown University Forced Out of His Job by Rich, White Leftists

Mark Porter, who is resigning from his job as chief of police at Brown University thanks to pressure from white, affluent social justice activists. Photo from the Brown website.

Campus Reform has the story of Brown University police chief Mark Porter, who is black. White, affluent student activists at the Ivy League institution are driving him out of his job because social justice and reasons.


Mark Porter, Executive Director and Chief of Brown University’s Department of Public Safety, will resign from his position after several months of student activism against the university’s police department.

Porter — who served for more than fifteen years at Brown — was commended by Brown Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy, Russell Carey, who noted his efforts to establish “departmental diversity and inclusion action plans, which have resulted in a more diverse work force.”

None of that matters. You can’t be woke enough for the social justice mob. Apparently, you can’t be black enough to appease the intolerant, affluent white progressives either.

For instance, a student organization called Grasping at the Root published a list of demands, which included the complete abolition of the Brown University Department of Public Safety.

“Brown University must confront the ways it contributes to the harmful conditions that leave Black, Brown, poor, LGBTQ+, immigrant, and disabled Rhode Islanders vulnerable to predatory policing, both on and off campus,” said the group’s demands.


The white, affluent activists at the Ivy League institution said this while pushing a black man out of his job, depriving him of his livelihood.

It can cost up to $73,892 per year to attend Brown University. Little actual education appears to take place there.

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