Austin Mayor Adler Orders Another Partial COVID Shutdown. Texas Gov. Abbott Says He Can't.

Austin, TX Mayor Steve Adler issues instructions to stay home while he vacations in Mexico. Image from social media.

With COVID-related hospitalizations on the rise, but with little to no data demonstrating that shutdowns actually help slow the spread of the virus, Austin Mayor Steve Adler (D) has ordered a partial restaurant and bar shutdown across the New Year’s holiday in the city.


Restaurants don’t appear to be major COVID spread vectors, yet they’re being shuttered (again).

If shutdowns worked, California would be in the COVID catbird seat. It’s one of the nation’s most shut down states, with 47 counties on stay-at-home shutdown. But the San Francisco Chronicle says California has the worst COVID surge in the nation, by far. It’s considering rationing healthcare because its COVID surge is so strong.

Florida, meanwhile, is far more open, and is suffering much less of a COVID surge.

The wisdom of shutdowns is scientifically questionable, and economically ruinous.

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott (R) took to social media to countermand Adler’s order.


Cities exist because states allow them to.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) weighed in.


Mayor Adler has yet to comply, or even react, to that.

Making violations a “criminal offense” is an ironic touch. Adler led the defunding of Austin’s police back in August. That led to a demoralization of the police force and a very high rate of attrition from it. More are expected to leave once Adler’s cuts take force in January.

Also, recall that around Thanksgiving, Adler encouraged Austin to just stay home — while he was lounging in luxury in Cabo. Whatever was left of his credibility stayed in Cabo.

The whole thing is mad. If Adler’s order accomplishes anything, it will have helped created an untold number of New Year’s house parties all over the city, since people can’t go out to bars and restaurants, and Austin remains a college town with a state government jammed into it.

Local radio host Todd Jeffries wondered how Adler even intends to enforce his order.


The Texas Legislature convenes in its 87th session in January. There’s a bill in the works to take the Austin Police Department away from Adler and the city council, and transfer it to the state.


There’s rumbling all over Austin that Adler and the left-wing city council had ruined the city even before the pandemic. Republican Mackenzie Kelly just defeated Democrat and anti-police incumbent Jimmy Flannigan in a city council runoff, indicating danger in the air for other Democrats in the deep blue city. Nationally, after Dr. Fauci has been caught in yet another sleight-of-hand, atop months of extremely arbitrary shutdowns and clampdowns on churches (!) but not riots (!), the shutdown regime has no credibility left whatsoever.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler Told Residents to ‘Stay Home’ — From His Hotel In Cabo




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