Wow: More Than 100 Police Agencies Pull Out of Security for the DNC Convention

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The scaled-down, COVID-blocked DNC convention is to take place in Milwaukee next month. Joe Biden will stop hidin’ temporarily and accept his party’s nomination.


The Washington Times reports a major development: Many police agencies will not be there to provide security.

More than 100 police agencies are withdrawing from agreements to send personnel to bolster security at next month’s Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, in part because they’re concerned about a recent directive ordering police in the city to stop using tear gas to control crowds.

Go on.

A citizen oversight commission last week directed Milwaukee’s police chief to publicly account for why the department used tear gas during protests in late May and early June after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and to change Milwaukee’s police policies to ban the use of tear gas and pepper spray. The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission said in its order that Police Chief Alfonso Morales could be fired if he fails to comply.

Since police cannot use these non-lethal means to control any crowds that are sure to turn out, they cannot control the crowds. Social workers certainly can’t do the job.

Seattle’s police chief said the same last week when that city’s council tried banning non-lethal tools for crowd control. A judge stopped the ban, nevertheless, riots ensued.


There’s a subtext in the more than 100 police agencies’ decisions to leave the DNC to the mercies of the mobs they have encouraged. That subtext is perhaps best and most clearly represented by the middle finger displayed tall, while all other fingers are tucked away.

The Democrats as a party across the nation from top to bottom have totally abandoned police officers. “Change my mind,” as the meme says.

This has resulted in riots in many cities, while police budgets are being cut, which is already reducing the number of police officers available.

This puts police — and everyone else — in more danger of all types of crime. Violent crime is heading back to the terrible 1990s, fast.

Now you want them to go off to Milwaukee when their own cities are a mess and the city they’re heading to will not have their backs?


Police in Madison, who were going to help out with security for the DNC, now cannot and will not. They have a riotous city of their own to attend to with fewer officers to attend to it. If Madison is anything like most other cities, its police have been working 60 to 80 hour work weeks while their local elected officials stab them in the back. Those officials are all Democrats. Every single one of them.


Multiply this situation across the country.

Joe Biden lost the national police union’s endorsement last week.

The National Association of Police Organizations, which represents more than 1,000 police units and associations nationwide, threw its support behind Trump in a letter released Wednesday acknowledging his “continued strong support” of cops tasked to protect Americans.

“Our endorsement recognizes your steadfast and very public support for our men and women on the front lines, especially during this time of unfair and inaccurate opprobrium being directed at our members by so many,” wrote the group’s president, Michael McHale.

There are roughly 700,000 law enforcement officers across America, with many more than that retired.

That flapping sound you hear is a giant chicken coming home to roost on the DNC.

Minneapolis Is About to Replace Police With…What? We Have Serious Questions.





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