VIDEO: Watch CNN's Don Lemon Flub Cognitive Test, Hear One of Tucker Carlson's Best Lines Ever

CNN's Don Lemon flubs cognitive test on live TV after mocking Trump. July 23, 2020.

This is beautiful. Simply beautiful. It should be made into a balm I can rub on my temples whenever I have a headache.

Our media betters love to inform us how much smarter and more knowledgeable they are than the rest of us. They have mocked every Republican president in my lifetime for being dumb and stupid and supported by jack-toothed, slack-jawed, hayseed hicks. I’m old enough to remember them doing that to Ronald Reagan. I’m cynical enough to see through it when they do the same thing to Donald Trump before and after he says he took a difficult cognitive test.


So…watch this. You’ll thank me later.

Over at sister site RedState, bonchie gives us the play by play.

Lemon confuses a rhino for an hippo, something your average five year old wouldn’t do. This came after Lemon spent several minutes making fun of Trump for acing his cognitive test. Apparently, at least for Lemon, it’s not so easy. I do appreciate that Chris Cuomo laughed about it and told him he has no acuity, though Cuomo then mistook the rhino for an elephant, making the entire thing even more hilarious. Trying to laugh this whole thing off was about the only move the producers had after Lemon made a such a fool of himself trying to trash someone the President.

This has been the media’s pattern over the past four years: try to score on Trump, end up scoring an embarrassing own goal.

And these smarter-than-smart people never learn. We should reopen schools so they can get some fancy book learnin’ in.

In the lead-up to the segment, Tucker Carlson delivers a brilliant zinger at CNN’s international TV star, Don Lemon: “maybe the slowest person ever to appear on cable news.”


Think about just how many people have appeared on cable news over the decades.

That’s gonna leave a mark, even if Carlson had to punch way down to deliver it.

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