Minneapolis Is About to Replace Police With...What? We Have Serious Questions.

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If you’re a criminal in Minneapolis, you’re about to get an opportunity. The city council, which voted to “defund and disband” its police force and then hired private security for themselves, is a step closer to creating “civilian patrols” for parts of the city.


The Minneapolis City Council Budget Committee has approved moving $500,000 from the police budget and putting it into the Office of Violence Prevention to help pay for civilian safety patrols.

Jamil Jackson is a paid consultant with the Office of Violence Prevention and he told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he’s been asked to put together a proposed plan to implement the civilian patrols.

Nothing has really been decided yet because the city council and Mayor Frey — whose inaction back in late May and June unleashed our national nightmare — still have no plan.

Jackson said his proposal would have 100 civilians on patrol with two groups of 20 on the north and south side of Minneapolis, and one group of 20 in the downtown area.

“But those locations are not finalized yet, those are just proposals,” Jackson said. “This is to hire men to engage in the community and patrol our community but also help by bringing in resources that allow these youth to have something to do other than what they are doing now.”

Men? That’s sexist! Re-educate him.

Get this.

“We are not going to be out there shooting things up,” said Jackson. “If there is something happening and a crime is being committed we will call police and report that kind of activity.”


Call the police? Your city voted to defund and get rid of them.

Currently, the police everywhere are minutes away when seconds count. It’s not their fault, they just can’t be everywhere and criminals tend to act where the police are not present. These civilian patrols can be expected to add a few more minutes to that response time. This is better…how?

So, questions. Who’s selecting these men, and by what criteria? What sort of training will they receive? Will they be paid? What’s their legal liability? Will they have vehicles, radios, body armor, uniforms? They’ll need a school to learn tactics — how to handle confrontations with armed suspects, how to spot a crime, and so forth.

Criminals learn law enforcement tactics and systems so they can exploit weaknesses in them. If you’re a criminal in a corrupt and, frankly, stupid city like Minneapolis, a city run by people who don’t know anything and refuse to learn, you’ve just been handed a golden opportunity. Infiltrate these untrained patrol groups and use them to feed you intel on where the police are, and to keep the police away when you’re up to stuff. It’s too easy.


And it’s going to happen.

Also, soon enough these civilian patrols will have to be armed — for their own protection. They will shoot someone eventually, it’s inevitable. This entire concept is asking for all kinds of trouble, and massive liability on the city’s part. It’s clear they have not thought any of this through.

Minneapolis’ city council and many others bowed to fringe mobs in the heat of the moment when they voted to defund their police. It’s difficult to overstate their stupidity. Or evil. Or both.

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