VIDEO: Young Venezuelan Woman Warns America Where Destroying Statues Leads

Venezuelan Elizabeth Rogliani warns Americans about statue removals. Screenshot from video.

Just in the past few weeks, demonstrators — mobs, really — have destroyed or defaced the following statues across the United States. Or, unelected bodies have decided to remove them with no input from the public.


George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Philip Schuyler
Caesar Rodney
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
Theodore Roosevelt
Junipero Serra
Juan de Oñate
William McKinley
Robert E. Lee
Christopher Columbus
Stand Watie
Miguel Cervantes
Queen Isabella of Castile
Diego de Vargas
Francis Scott Key
Frank Rizzo
The Texas Rangers
Orville Hubbard
Jerry Richardson
The Richmond, Virginia, police
Delaware law enforcement
Oregonian pioneers
Oregonian pioneer mothers
John Sutter
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
Theodore Roosevelt

I’m sure this isn’t a complete list, and these are just the recent ones. Statue removal has become a growth industry on the left.

You may not have heard about a couple of them. In Dallas, an unelected board decided on one day to remove a generic Texas Rangers statue from a local airport, and on the very next day, they removed it. No debate. No public comment period. Nothing. The little dictators removed it to who knows where. The media dutifully and uncritically reported it.

The Natural Museum of History in New York, following no public debate or input, is removing the statue of Teddy Roosevelt.

Cities are allowing mobs to pull down, vandalize, and destroy statues depicting all manner of historic figures. Yes, cities are allowing this. They could stop it if they choose to. No one in the mainstream media is asking any of them a simple question: Why?


TV networks have canceled two shows that show police officers in action, COPS and Live PD.

HBO removed, and will restore with disclaimers, the iconic film Gone With The Wind. That film earned Hattie McDaniel the first-ever Oscar won by a black woman. Like most of history, the film is too complex to be summed up in a tweet.

Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s Rice, and the Land O Lakes butter maiden have all been removed, despite the fact that the families connected to Aunt Jemima and Land O Lakes do not see them as racist at all.

This young Venezuelan woman says she has seen all of this before and is warning Americans where it leads.

Her name is Elizabeth Rogliani.

She points to several steps Venezuela went through on its way from being one of the most prosperous countries in the Americas to a socialist police state and economic disaster:

  1. Statues came down because socialist dictator Hugo Chavez wanted the history erased.
  2. He changed street names for the same reason.
  3. He changed the educational curriculum to erase history and substitute his version.
  4. Some movies were banned, presumably for the same reason.

We’ve seen all of these happen in America just in the past few weeks, with statue destruction happening in blue cities and states from coast to coast, as city leaders choose not to defend them. There’s a petition to change the name of Columbus, Ohio because it’s named after explorer Christopher Columbus.


Without Columbus, America would not exist.

“You guys think it can’t happen to you, I’ve heard this so many times,” Rogliani says. “But always be on guard. Never believe something can’t happen to you. You need to guard your country and your society or it will be destroyed.”

She also notes that Cuban exiles tried to warn Venezuelans that they were seeing similar patterns and events they had suffered, but Venezuelans brushed them off saying they knew what freedom is and they would never surrender it.

That sounds familiar too.

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