WATCH: Washington Post's Sally Quinn and CNN's Alisyn Camerota Cringeworthy FANGIRLING All Over Fauci

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Dr. Anthony Fauci has become a famous man. Did you know he’s also a sex symbol?

I don’t often struggle for words, but this clip…yeah, it’s a struggle just to get all the way through.


CNN bills itself as a news network — it’s in the name and everything — but in this segment, it devolves into Teen Vogue or Tiger Beat.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and romance novelist and Washington Post religion (yeah) columnist Sally Quinn really like Dr. Anthony Fauci. I mean, they really like him.

Quinn likes him so much she made him into a character of carnal interest for a widowed first lady in one of her romance novels. It’s the second in a set of two novels.

One of which is titled Happy Endings.

Quinn says “Tony Fauci,” as she calls him because they’re tight like that, is “riveting,” “brilliant,” “interested as well as interesting,” a “really sexy” man who “oozed decency and integrity.”

They were, she said, “locked in conversation.” Their eyes met across the caviar, and they both knew how rare their magic moment in the candlelight on K Street truly was.


Seriously. Sorry I put you through all that. It’s just more hero worship from the left, reminiscent of when Newsweek’s Nina Burleigh, an alleged reporter of repute, publicly offered happy endings to President Bill Clinton for keeping abortion legal across the land.

There’s a serious point to be found under all the oozing. The conversation in the clip is so deeply Washington. Quinn sets up the story perfectly, meeting Fauci at a dinner party. It’s those dinner parties that the base of our party accuses our elected officials and pundits of craving so much that they’ll sacrifice us and our principles so they get and keep getting invited to them. The allure of being included among the acceptable jet-setting hoi polloi is too much to resist, so the thinking goes.

It is nice, that first time you get invited to the White House Correspondents Dinner, I’ll admit. For some, these invitations become the goal of having a public perch, corrupting the pundit and the elected official in the end. You enter the party an idealist, but you exit it just another hustler.

I’m saying that suspicion has a very strong foundation and columnist Quinn exhibits the truth. Here’s Quinn confirming it by bragging about her access to these parties across decades, which allow her to get to know such remarkable men as Dr. Fauci. And worship him. More importantly, never criticizing him even when it might be the professional and honorable thing to do, because doing so risks access to the famous and intriguing Washington dinner parties that set craves so much. Quinn doesn’t mind running into a man she publicly worshipped. He’ll probably return the favor. But running into a man she publicly horsewhipped?


Well, that just won’t do. He might someday return the favor, and that wouldn’t be the happiest of endings.

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