It's Not Just Us: Brits Are Sick of the Coronavirus Lockdown Too

Image by Miroslava Chrienova from Pixabay

Locking people in their homes isn’t popular. No one likes it. President Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson certainly didn’t want to do it.


But they did, because the science on coronavirus early on looked harrowing: This bug would spread fast because we had no natural immunity to it, it would overwhelm medical systems, etc., and so forth. And China was actively trying to hide the outbreak and disappear its scientists. They still are.

Then Johnson got it himself and had to fight it off.

Now Brits are getting just as sick of the whole thing as Americans are. A group of them staged a group hug outside Scotland Yard to protest the absurdity of 2020.

One protestor shouted at a police officer: “The overnment work for us, we don’t work for them.”

Then another added: “This is life, let’s hug each other, we are saving lives.”

The small crowd began to hug each other as one woman said: “There are people who are dying because they are being refused cancer treatment.”

Another said she was doubtful of the Government’s response to coronavirus and claimed “I don’t believe them.”

Sigh. I know one person who is fighting the coronavirus right now. I know another who has lost two family members to it. The former is not in the United States. The latter is here in Texas. The coronavirus is real and it’s actually a pretty bad bug. Group hugs still aren’t a good idea.

At the same time, we all are seeing the statistics. A large number of the victims are older and in nursing homes. That means the rest of us can probably fight it off if we get infected. Other victims tend to have underlying conditions that make them more vulnerable than the wider population. And millions more may be carrying the virus but have no idea because they’re asymptomatic. Those who recover, such as Tom Hanks, may be able to help others who are fighting it. The overall death rate is probably a lot lower than initially feared — but it’s not non-existent.


But smokers may have an advantage against this thing…because of nicotine? You’re entitled to scratch your head over a lot of this.

The lockdown is not a good idea. Officials like Gov. Whitmer and Gov. Newsom clearly enjoy the power and have abused the situation. “Flatten the curve” became “we must have a vaccine,” and it can’t be sustained much longer or we’re staring economic collapse full in the face. Dire consequences for millions, maybe billions, await if we go that route. We have to generate wealth to keep funding the science, to keep food on the shelves, keep the supply lines going, and be able to afford to buy food and eat it. The math gets ghastly the longer this goes on.

And people just won’t put up with it. And not just here in the U.S.

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