Impeachment Is Failing as the Democrats Have Become Wile E. Coyote

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There’s a hilarious parody video making the rounds that shows Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) as Wile E. Coyote trying and failing to catch his roadrunner. I’m sure it violates all kinds of intellectual property laws and CNN will mercilessly hunt down its creators.


In the video, Schiff concocts scheme after impeachment scheme and they all blow up in his face. That’s what the American people are seeing in the impeachment of President Donald Trump – the Democrats have been trying to remove Trump by any means they could find since before he took office. First it was Russia! Russia! Russia!, now it’s the Ukraine phone call.

There was nothing wrong with the Ukraine phone call. In Hunter Biden and his enormous monthly paycheck from Ukraine energy company Burisma while Joe Biden, his father, was vice president of the United States, there is strong evidence of a pay-to-play arrangement – even a quid pro quo, to borrow the Latin phrase the Democrats used for impeachment and then quickly discarded once it polled poorly. Democrats forgot they’ve pushed Latin out of our education system in favor of divisive social indoctrination.

Why aren’t the media investigating Hunter Biden and his escapades? Why aren’t they camped out on the street outside his baby mama’s home? Why haven’t we even seen her and why don’t we know anything about her? Can you imagine such silence if she’d mothered an out-of-wedlock child with a Trump scion?

We all know the answer: politics. Democracy dies in darkness, right? The media is doing its best to shove Hunter Biden’s evident corruption and misbehavior down a black hole.


By the way, it was President Barack Obama who promised the Russians he’d have “more flexibility” once he was re-elected, and then turned a visually impaired eye toward Russia’s moves against Ukraine. Trump didn’t do any of that. He has armed Ukraine and sought to forge closer ties to them. Odd behavior for a supposed Putin puppet.

The American people are not buying impeachment. Its popularity has gone down in recent weeks while Trump’s popularity has gone up. His approval rating has flirted with 50%, higher than Obama’s at this stage of his presidency. Bob Johnson, the founder of BET and the first black billionaire, says Trump will very probably be re-elected. He seems to be OK with that. So does Kanye West. More and more, the American people sense Trump will be re-elected. That’s no reason for him or his supporters to get cocky, but it’s also no reason to be hellbent to impeach him.

The American people know impeachment is an extreme measure to take, a kind of “break glass in a presidential emergency.” Such an emergency would be a dereliction of presidential duties, actual high crimes or at least strong and compelling evidence of such crimes. Where is that evidence? Trump released the transcript of the phone call in question. There is no evidence of any crimes in Trump’s Ukraine actions. The majority of Americans aren’t even paying attention to impeachment anymore. It’s must-miss TV led by the incompetent leading the extreme.


Which brings us to Rep. Schiff on the one hand, and the Democratic presidential field on the other. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put Schiff in charge of impeachment, despite the fact that he heads the House Intelligence Committee, not the House Judiciary Committee as would be normal for such a legal and political matter as impeachment. How Rep. Jerold Nadler, the career congressman and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, must hate being upstaged by the erratic upstart Schiff. But perhaps it’s best for Nadler. Purely from a branding and image point of view, Schiff is a disaster. He looks like a cross between the evil aliens in Mars Attacks and the aforementioned Mr. Coyote, caught on the tracks with the Trump Train bearing down on him at full speed.

That’s not a good look.

The Democratic presidential field is still led by Joe Biden. He’s a former veep and walking gaffe machine who has gotten every foreign policy question of the last 40 years dead wrong. Biden bites his wife’s finger in public. He tells weird stories about hairy legs. There’s no need to deep fake Biden, when the reality is bizarre enough. He looks and sounds like Grampa Simpson. Before long we’ll see him shouting at clouds. The Democrats trailing him are a socialist, another socialist, a couple more socialists, and an odd collection of no-hopers and a pair of billionaires who seem ungrateful to the nation that made them so wealthy. They belong to a party fueled by hate for their own country. They either openly support or tacitly approve of the most destructive and murderous ideology of the last couple of centuries, socialism. That’s also not a good look.


Trump has left the Democrats plenty of room to run as reasonable alternatives. They have all failed to take the opportunity. Trump’s economy keeps humming along. He keeps radically fulfilling his campaign promises. If things continue on their current course, the Democrats will face a crushing and deserved loss as Roadrunner Trump wins again.


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