Democrat Rep. Compares Rams 'Hands Up' Players to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson

We’ve reached the point now when tragedy has become farce.

George Washington led the defeat of what was then the world’s most powerful empire and then became the first president of the United States. The man who could have been America’s first king set the precedent of peacefully relinquishing power and established the orderly transfer of power based on the people’s vote. Thomas Jefferson’s ideas powered the creation and the division of powers in America that have kept us free.


A few St. Louis Rams players raised their hands in tribute to a young man to made a series of very poor decisions that ultimately cost him his life.

To Rep. Al Green (D-TX), those Rams players and other “hands up, don’t shoot” protesters are just like Washington and Jefferson and the original Tea Party rebels. Same same.

Incredibly, and as if he has no idea what accusation the “hands up” protest levels at police officers, Rep. Green opens the comments below by thanking police officers. “Thanks, you racist murderers!” is more or less the meaning of the entire speech.

Farce. That’s where we are now.


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