Russia Is Up To No-Good, Over There, and Over Here

Border clashes between Russia and Ukraine are getting worse, says the Washington Post.

SLOVYANSK, Ukraine — Russia on Thursday began military drills on its border with Ukraine as the government there mobilized against pro-Russian militants, killing “up to five” people, according to Ukrainian officials.

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the Ukrainian actions, and his top deputies said a Ukrainian mobilization in the restive eastern part of the country would elicit a Russian response. The tit-for-tat military movements brought the two sides closer to a direct armed confrontation in a standoff that analysts call one of the most dangerous on European soil since the end of the Cold War.


Russian special forces are provoking at least some of the unrest, which will probably form the pre-text for an invasion soon enough.

Secretary of State John Kerry threatened to impose more sanctions.

But that’s thousands of miles away on the other side of Europe. How about closer, in our own hemisphere?

Well, some Russian armored personnel carries have shown up in Venezuela, says Weasel Zippers.

Taken in Puerto Cabelleo these photographs are of what looks like a lot to me like a  Russian BTR-60 being unloaded onto the docks and being transported into the Venezuelan state of Carabobo.

Russia is Venezuela’s largest supplier of weapons and armored vehicles but this is the first instance I’m aware of where a BTR is seen.

Turns out the photos probably show Russian BTR-80 APCs. Venezuela appears to be arming up to violently suppress its own people, with Russian help.

As one of WZ’s commenters noted, it’s a good thing we’ve secured our border…


And it’s such a great that our nation’s leaders all take security very, very seriously.


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