If You Only Watch One Clip of a Democrat Getting Destroyed on National TV Today, It Should Be This One

At nearly 6 minutes, the following clip of Democrat Mike Dickinson losing, badly and repeatedly and embarrassingly, to Fox’s Greta Van Sustern last night is on the longish side. But it’s awesome.


Mike Dickinson is a Democrat running for Rep. Eric Cantor’s seat in Congress. In his campaign materials, Dickinson claims that he’s the CEO of a chain of strip clubs. A dubious credential, and yet it’s fake. Greta gets him to admit that he’s a fraud.

Dicksinon claims that he just wants politicians to stop all the “partisan bickering,” yet his Twitter account got suspended because he uses it to engage in nothing but bickering. The man who wants everyone to stop all the bickering already has declared “war” on Fox, the Tea Party and the NRA.

He recently promised that if elected, he would use his office to go after the NRA, the Tea Party, and “other trash,” effectively promising he would abuse his power as a member of Congress to go after millions of Americans he disagrees with.

Basically, he’s promising to be a damagogue, corrupt the government and turn it against citizens.


“If elected I promise WAR on the tea party, @FoxNews, @NRA and other trash,” he tweeted.

“When I am elected I will go to war with these groups. I will pursue the @nra & destroy them. I will get the IRS to audit the tea party,” he said later.

Dickinson has also said the Tea Party is a terrorist group, and compared it to al-Qaeda. In another tweet, he compared Sarah Palin to Osama bin Laden.

An article at Red Knuckle Politics said Dickinson has used various alternate identities on Twitter to allegedly send tweets to porn stars and harass others.

So, he’s a mainstream, Anthony Weiner wannabe Democrat.



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