'Cold Stares, Icy Words and No Deal' Strangely Not a Description of Dinner with the Clintons. It's How Kerry's Meeting with Russia's Lavrov Ended.

Well, this isn’t good.

Intense talks aimed at defusing the Ukraine crisis have ended with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov insisting the result of a controversial referendum in Crimea should be “respected”.

Lavrov held talks with United Sates secretary of state John Kerry in London today, but the pair failed to achieve common ground, as the awkward body language between the two men appeared to show.

The Crimea referendum has been dismissed as illegitimate and illegal by the US and the European Union. The West has pointed out that there are thousands of Russian troops on the streets and there has been no significant campaign period.


“No campaign period…” That’s basically the kind of elections Obama favors when it comes to forcing American workers to join labor unions.




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