Harry Reid Blames Ukraine Standoff On...the Koch Brothers

The Hill reports on the madness of petty Prince Harry, the man who has led the United States Senate into utter irrelevance.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Thursday accused Republicans of holding up crucial assistance to Ukraine in order to protect the Koch brothers.

Reid tied the billionaire brothers who have bankrolled conservative causes to GOP demands that language delaying the Internal Revenue Service’s regulation of non-profit political advocacy groups be added to the Ukraine package.

Reid has been on the warpath against the Koch brothers, with barely a day passing without an attack on them.

“It’s hard for me to comprehend how with a clear conscience they could say, ‘Ukrainians, we probably can’t help you because we’re trying to protect the Koch brothers,’” he said on Thursday. “And not only that, they’re saying to the American people that protecting the Koch brothers is more important than helping our country.”

The disagreement over IMF funding between Democratic and Republican leaders will prevent Congress from passing legislation to assist Ukraine before leaving for a weeklong recess at the end of this week.


Take this comment into account with Reid’s other attacks on the Koch brothers. Do they not suggest a) that Reid is crazypants paranoid, Ancient Aliens-level obsessed with this topic, and b) that he supports the weaponization of the IRS against his party’s opponents? The former is a matter of opinion, but the latter is clear: The weaponization of the IRS against Americans citizens has the full support of the man who leads the Democrats in the Senate and those around him, including Sen. Chuck Schumer. Democrats don’t want that scandal investigated, because they don’t even believe it’s a scandal at all. They openly want to turn Lois Lerner’s “off plan” attacks into full IRS regulations. They believe it’s a scandal that any opposition to them is allowed to see the light of day.

And meanwhile, Russia is brushing all this off as so much noise while it masses actual troops on Ukraine’s actual border, quite possibly for an actual military invasion.

But…Koch brothers!


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