'Since I'm in charge, we screwed it up,' and Other Moments from Today's Year-End Presser with Barack Obama

Obamacare is such a fantastic success that the White House had to sweep in yet another lawless change to it. That might be because the law as written is a mess. It might also be because Mr. I’m Better At Everyone Else’s Job didn’t even do his own job. According to Barack Obama, Barack Obama only met with his Obamacare team once every few weeks leading up to the rollout.


“Since I’m in charge, we screwed it up,” Obama said. Indeed.

Even those of us who cover policy for a living have lost count of all the delays that the White House has enacted during the Obamacare rollout. It enacted two gems this week, allowing bad apple catastrophic plans to be sold, and gutting the individual mandate for those who have had their insurance canceled. But none of that means that the “basic structure” of the law isn’t working! Why would any of these delays have anything to do with that?

I may post more from the presser later. Honestly, it was exhaustingly pointless.


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