Watch Morning Joe Rip Pajama Boy a New Hole in His Onesie

This morning on MSNBC, their god’s feet of clay showed cracks. Wisecracks.

Mika Brzezinski called Pajama Boy a “hipsterish” sort. Pretty much everyone agreed that his debut has been another debacle for the Democrats. There was much crosstalk, laughter, mirth and good cheer.


How would you like to be the model who portrayed Pajama Boy? You get hired (or in the case of Vaguely Ethnic Obamacare Woman, you donate your personal photos for free) for a big break. You wait on pins and needles until your big ad comes out. Then it hits Twitter…and sparks days of endless mockery. And it’s deserved mockery, too.

I don’t think he’ll actually spend much time over the holidays talking up Obamacare. We’ll probably learn next week that, like Vaguely Ethnic Obamacare Woman, he hasn’t even signed up.


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