Mark Halperin Keeps Talking About Obamacare's Death Panels

Bringing up Obamacare’s “death panels,” a fair characterization of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, got Sarah Palin lampooned and ridiculed.


Let’s see what doing the same thing, years after the law was passed, gets Mark Halperin. His appearance on Morning Joe today marks the second time he has discussed the death panels in the past few days.

No ridicule.

Even in finally discussing the death panels, Halperin stole a base on Morning Joe in the clip above. He says that the death panels “weren’t discussed” when the law was being passed. That isn’t true. They were. The press ripped Palin apart when she did discuss them, thus helping the law get passed and helping Obama get through his re-election.

The media can’t even tell the full truth when it finally stops lying.


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