Pro-Abortion Filibusterer Wendy Davis: 'I am pro-life'

Will the last honest Democrat please stand up?

Over the past week the nation has been regaled with proof that President Barack Obama lied repeatedly and over the course of many years about his signature healthcare law. “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare” has become “If Washington bureaucrats like your healthcare, maybe you can keep your healthcare. Watch for your cancellation letter in the mail!”


Democratic Party leaders have lined up to defend that lie, with DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz denying that she and Obama ever “myzled” anyone about Obamacare. She meant to say “misled,” one supposes.

Democrat state Sen. Wendy Davis, an Obama ally and supporter of Obamacare, is running for governor of Texas, where neither Obama nor his law are popular. The Rio Grande Valley is a bastion of the Texas Democratic Party, and a month into her quest Davis is making her first stop campaign there.

The RGV is heavily Hispanic, and Hispanics tend to be pro-life.

That presents a problem for Davis. She rose to national fame filibustering against a reasonable bill that upgrades standards in Texas abortion clinics and bans late-term abortions. The bill was drafted in the wake of the horrific Gosnell abortion trial, and was sponsored by women in both the Texas House and Senate, one of those sponsors being an ER physician. The bill enjoyed broad support across Texas. One of its most vocal supporters was state Sen. Eddie Lucio of Cameron County. The Hispanic Democrat rose up in eloquent support for the bill that Davis spent 13 hours railing against. That bill became law, has been challenged in court, and after a couple of rulings was mostly upheld last week.


Davis’ filibuster made her a media star and is helping her raise loads of cash from outside Texas, but it also exposes her as extremely pro-choice to the point of being pro-abortion because she is on the record supporting late-term abortion. Her fundraising total in the RGV speaks loudly to her local problem.

Here is how she handled her glaring problem today in the pro-life Rio Grande Valley.

I am pro-life,” she said, borrowing from the label anti-abortion activists assign themselves.

Then she launched into a litany of what she means by that, which is that she wants government programs to be given truckloads more taxpayer money to the point that Texas government resembles that of California. That’s not what being “pro-life” means.

Wendy Davis has built her political career standing with NARAL, Planned Parenthood, the entire abortion industry lobby. She filibustered a reasonable law that protects women from the likes of convicted child murderer Dr. Kermit Gosnell. If Wendy Davis is “pro-life,” then so is he, since she bitterly filibustered a law designed to stop monsters like him.

Making the claim tells us quite a bit, about Davis and about the abortion issue. She knows that across Texas, being a DC Democrat is a campaign-killing liability. She knows that she has things in her past and her record that she has to run away from. Her stance on abortion is one; there are others. She knows that while the media embraces the term “pro-choice,” it’s toxic in parts of Texas including a part that she desperately needs if she is to have any hoping of winning.


Wendy Davis declaring “I am pro-life” is simply a lie. There is no other way to describe it. It is a calculated lie designed to fool Texans into believing that Wendy Davis is not as extreme as her record proves she is.


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