The Moment that the Capitol Car Chase Turned Deadly

Al Hurra TV shot this video of the car chase that turned deadly in Washington today.

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You can hear the audio on CNN’s feed, which makes it clear that none of the police fired any shots until after the moment that the car stops, hits one squad car parked behind it, is surrounded by officers with their weapons drawn, and then the driver chooses to drive out of the scene.


CNN and others have reported that the driver never fired on police and she did not even have a gun. But what she did have was a four-wheeled deadly weapon — the Infiniti she was driving.

Nothing is known about what motivated the late driver of that car to run from police officers with a baby in the car with her, but she made her choice in the nation’s capital in a time of terrorism. She had hit a security barrier, she had run, and then when she was surrounded by what were obviously law enforcement officers, she tried to run. For all the police knew, she may not only have been armed with a gun, but she may have had a bomb in that car. Her behavior in the video suggests someone who will not be taken in quietly. Why? Police had a blank to make their decisions.

We may never know why she did what she did. But based on what’s known now it’s hard to second guess what the police who shot her did in response to her actions. The car was the most obvious weapon that she had. The officers had no way of knowing whether she had any other weapons. The moment she was surrounded, and then chose to run, was the moment that sealed her fate.


Video h/t Ace

More: Here’s Al Hurra’s raw footage of the chase. Running over police officers in a car in any city is bound to get you shot. But in Washington, with the president and Congress in town and engaged in a standoff? It’s insane.

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