Cruz's Marathon Against Obamacare Ends, Reid Calls It 'A Big Waste of Time'

CBS News’ Mark Knoller clocked Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s astonishing marathon speech against funding Obamacare:



So what was that all about? During Cruz’s superhuman speech, a hashtag appeared on Twitter: #makedclisten. Make Washington, D.C., listen.

Our government is not listening to a majority of the American people, which have never supported Obamacare, and the millions who are already suffering under it now. Cruz focused attention on that and on the destruction that Obamacare is wreaking on the health care and employment of Americans. Sen. Harry Reid responded to Cruz’s speech and thus the #makedclisten effort as a “big waste of time.” Reid also called it “anarchy.”

In the mind of Harry Reid, then, abiding by the arcane rules of the Senate in order to protest a bad law that a majority of the American people never wanted is “anarchy,” but his president’s willful and routine violations of the Constitution are not. Reid’s Senate failing to pass a budget for five years, in violation of the law, has become routine.

Compared to Cruz, who even after 20 hours of standing and speaking was able to gut Sen. Dick Durbin in a mini-debate over the federal employee health care system, Reid sounds like he could use a nap. Reid is not listening. He will never listen. And he will never learn. Democracy to him is just a “waste of time” when there is power to be grabbed forever by his political party.


Reid has been in Washington far too long. Obama suffers from a different problem. He has not been in Washington very long, but he brought Chicago’s corruption and partisanship to Washington with him. He won’t listen either. He keeps selling Obamacare’s virtues despite all the evidence that it is hurting millions.

The question is, where do we go from here? Even after 21 hours and 19 minutes of Ted Cruz heroically destroying Obamacare in detail, DC will not listen. Democrat voters and their media megaphones will never hold them accountable. They will stop at nothing to impose themselves on the rest of us, destroying our viable state economies and even our way of life.


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