Pelosi: There's Just No More Government Spending to Cut!

The United States federal government is set to spend $3.68 trillion dollars in fiscal year 2013. That’s up a few billion from 2012 and up from $3.2 trillion in 2009 — which was a 16% increase over 2008’s federal spending. That 16% jump is largely due to major increases in welfare spending and the economic stimulus passed in 2009. The federal government has operated without a budget during the entirety of the Obama years, which effectively made that supposedly one-time stimulus spend a baseline for spending since 2009.


So federal spending is up, not down, despite all the Beltway talk of austerity and despite the supposedly draconian sequestration cuts that kicked in earlier this year.

None of that is real, if you ask Rep. Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Republican-led efforts to rein in government spending are pointless because there is nothing left to cut in the almost $4 trillion-a-year federal budget.

“The cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make.

Video at the link.

Federal agencies from the Government Services Administration to the National Park Service have been caught wasting wads of taxpayer money on absolutely useless, insane projects. The latest of the latter, the National Parks Service spent taxpayer dollars promoting Islam — as good for women!

But the cupboard’s bare, and there’s just nothing left to cut, dontcha know.



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