Manning Sentenced to 35 Years

Traitor Bradley Manning has been sentenced to just 35 years in prison, of the 90 years that he could have been given.

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison after being convicted of espionage and other charges in connection with a massive leak of classified material.

The judge in the case, Army Col. Denise Lind, announced the sentence in a military courtroom in Fort Meade, Md.

He also received a dishonorable discharge, will forfeit his pay and benefits and was reduced in rank.

Manning faced a maximum of 90 years in prison after his conviction last month on charges of espionage, theft and fraud.

Manning was convicted of the largest leak of classified material in U.S. history and was at the center of a growing debate over government secrecy.


Manning got people killed, and betrayed the trust that the military had placed in him. During the trial, his defense team tried to argue that he was nuts because he pulled a Klinger. He’ll serve at least two-thirds of his sentence. That’s not nearly enough time in jail, given the magnitude of his crimes.


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