Head of Security Guard Union Gets Prison Time for Theft

Big Labor Bailout reports on the ironic case of Caleb Gray-Burriss, now serving time in federal prison.

[S]entenced to 76 months in prison followed by 36 months of supervised probation.  Gray-Burriss was also ordered to perform 100 hours of community service and to pay restitution to the union of $252,376.42.  On December 4, 2012, Gray-Burriss was found guilty by a jury following a trial on 18 counts, including six counts of mail fraud for theft from the union’s pension plan, six counts of embezzlement from a labor organization, one count of conspiracy to embezzle union funds, one count of criminal contempt, one count of tampering with a witness by corrupt persuasion, one count of failure to file LM reports, one count of filing false LM reports, and one count of failing to maintain union records.


Gray-Burriss was the founder and head of the National Association of Special Police Officers. That’s a union for security guards who guard federal buildings. You’d think the head of a security guard union would realize that thieves eventually get caught. He was convicted in April this year on the charges above.



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