Oh Noes! Ted Cruz's New Media Director Doesn't Care if a Crummy, Biased Student Newspaper Folds!

Lefty Jim Romenesko is on the case of one Josh Perry. Mr. Perry is New Media Director for Sen. Ted Cruz. Yesterday Perry reacted to the news that the University of Texas’ Daily Texan newspaper might fold as, well, most conservatives probably did. After laughing to the point at which breathing became difficult, he tweeted.



He also tweeted the Texan a not very fond good-bye.

Folks outside Texas may not fully grok the situation here, so allow me to help. The Daily Texan is typical of university newspapers. It grants space to conservatives for an editorial every now and then, but its overall editorial slant is consistently to the left of Lenin. Perry is a graduate of UT and was a student leader among conservatives as an undergrad. The Daily Texan, aka the Faily Toxin, aka the Deadly Toxin, was never friendly to conservatives. On a good day it was only mildly hostile. The “Statesman” to which Perry refers in the tweet is the Austin American-Statesman, which used to be called the Austin Democrat-Statesman. Some believe that its old name was more honest than its current one.


So, a conservative can be forgiven for not finding any reason for tears in the Texan’s fall. Glee is an entirely understandable reaction.

By the way, Romenesko’s headline on the story isn’t accurate. Romenesko headlined his angry little post “Sen. Ted Cruz’s New Media Director Doesn’t Care if the Daily Texan Folds.”

Mr. Perry has assured me this afternoon that he does care if the Daily Texan folds. Very much, in fact.

*In the interests of disclosure, Josh Perry is a friend of mine.



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