Breaking: ObamaCare Employer Mandate Delayed to 2015

Why don’t they just scrap this horrible law and start over?

Businesses won’t be penalized next year if they don’t provide workers health insurance after the Obama administration decided to delay a key requirement under its health-care law, two administration officials said.

The decision will come in regulatory guidance to be issued later this week. It addresses vehement complaints from employer groups about the administrative burden of reporting requirements, though it may also affect coverage provided to some workers.

The two officials, who asked not to be identified to discuss the move ahead of its announcement, said the administration decided to wait until 2015 before enforcing the employer mandate in order to simplify reporting requirements and give businesses more time to adapt their health-care coverage.


On its face, this looks political. The unpopular law will kill jobs and drive up rage going into the 2014 mid-term elections, so the regime has decided to delay it past the mid-terms. Just like it delayed ruling on the XL pipeline. Kick the can.

Meanwhile, the individual mandate and the mandate on religious employers to provide abortifacients remain in force. If a Republican tilted things like this, they would be accused of favoring corporate interests above all.


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