Obligatory Chris Christie (Hearts) Andrew Cuomo Post


Remember when conservative pundit Ann Coulter was gaga for the governor of New Jersey? Well, about that…

In a conversation with a union leader, Christie allegedly made the jaw-dropping claim that he “probably” agrees with his Democratic New York counterpart on the vast majority of issues.

Bulman said that when he told Christie he is from upstate New York, the conservative governor replied: “I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo. I probably agree with him on 98% of the issues.”


Gov. Cuomo II has just pushed a gun bill so sweeping and ill-considered that it put several law enforcement firearms outside the law. He is currently pushing an abortion bill that can best be described as radical. It’s pretty clear that Cuomo II is carrying water for the anti-gun activists on the one hand, and the abortion industry on the other. Does Chris Christie agree with him on these things, or do they happen to fall outside the 98% of stuff Christie and Cuomo II do agree on.

Christie is now saying that he was misinterpreted, that he was agreeing with Cuomo II on style and the fact that they were both brought up by Italian moms, not substance or issues. To which the proper response is “Huh?”




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